Zeblaze Flash: New Image of China Smartwatch Published

A few days ago we could Flash Smartwatch report for the first time by the Zeblaze, now the manufacturer released an another tea image on Facebook. This shows the clock in two different colours, and whets the appetite for more.

While most are to branded OEM devices to Smartwatches from China, which allow only very little benefit in everyday life, Zeblaze with the Zeblaze seems to have developed Flash, with which you would like to capture the market its own model. The first picture on a GPS module and an integrated camera let us close, another on the Facebook page of the company was published now.

High resolution and detailed Watchfaces

The new tea image the Zeblaze is depicted on Flash for the first time in two color variants, where the new gray model has a much simpler and will appeal to more customers. Is in addition to the rather obvious fact that the LED smart watch in the Itypejob.com will be to capture the activity of the wearer, a monochrome Watchface which clearly complexer acts on the first image, than what we are accustomed to normally China devices. Also, the resolution appears to be very high, but this impression could be due to the simply fact that it’s an ovipositors created on the computer.

Although so far not too much information to the Zeblaze Flash, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Smartwatch of manufacturer. Is the manufacturer of the Chinese soup can deduct? I guess so and am looking forward to learn more about the model.