XWatch: Kickstarter Project Combines Smartwatch and Smartphone

The Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter proves again and again as a pool for interesting projects. The Smartwatch of the US company Relativity Research, Inc., which is currently being presented there, can also be described as such. The manufacturer, based in San Francisco, presents this smart watch as one of the most functional in the wearable market. What makes the Smartwatch so special is that it acts very independently of the smartphone. It has an integrated SIM card slot and can thus be used for telephoning. In addition, a camera is installed, which allows both photo and video recordings. In addition, there are some interesting fitness functions.

As the manufacturer explains, he is in the final test phase of this prototype. The money is collected by Relativity Research, Inc. for the planned mass production of this Smartwatch. In addition, more designs for the bracelets are offered – five are the minimum. According to the current state, only black and green are available. This campaign will run until November 12, with the target of $ 3,000 being really low. Other projects tend to generate much more revenue.


In any case, the xWatch – if it encounters the hoped for resonance – could become a trend-setting wearable. Many well-known manufacturers have also rumored to have a greater independence of their wearables from the smartphone. Complications such as low battery performance due to the high technical effort were probably reasons for the failure of the projects. The creators of the xWatch promise in any case, that this intelligent clock does not require a mobile phone, whereby a coupling nevertheless with Android and iOS smoothly happens. A micro SIM card is inserted so that you do not need to connect to the smartphone for a call. A video shows how a call is sent via Smartwatch. Furthermore, it is possible that the xWatch can be connected to the mobile telephone in such a way that a call takes place on both devices at the same time. So if you do not have your watch or mobile phone on the way, you will still be reached. Even short messages and e-mails can be answered by the user with his companion on the wrist. A keyboard will appear on the touch screen.

This innovative Smartwatch also ensures independence when it comes to photos and videos. Here, high quality camera shots can be made and thanks to a night mode even in the dark.

What might make the xWatch even more interesting is the fact that it can also play music on its own. Most other devices can only be used as a remote control for playback on the mobile phone. Thanks to an internal memory of eight gigabytes, this intelligent watch is no hurdle. The matching Bluetooth headsets are also offered so that the whole thing can be completely wireless.

The manufacturer has also thought of the fitness functions in a special way. The xWatch can perform a blood pressure measurement as well as monitoring the water balance. If necessary, she reminds her owner that he should drink something again. The basics, like a step and calorie counter, a sleep monitor or an inactivity alarm, must not be missing.

If the project is successful, the appearance date of the xWatch is issued for May of next year. Since different versions are announced, which have different bundles of functions, the price is between 75 and 185 US Dollar and between about 70 and about 165 Euro.