Xiaomi Tourch Screen Smartwatch

Although the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi with models of MI is band series successfully on the wearable market en route, a Smartwatch was so far only said the company. Now an analyst published a post in which he reported that the “smart sport watch” more expensive than might be expected.

Late April forerunner 3, that to develop an own tourchscreen Smartwatch in behalf of Xiaomi, however no concrete was regarding their facilities and pricing. The analyst Pan Jiutang but now communicated his opinion to the next product in the Chinese social network Sina Weibo and talked among other things, that the energy efficiency level with watches from Garmin should be. It attracts, for example, the forerunner 3 for comparison, this would mean that Xiaomis touch screen Smartwatch will keep depending on the setting-up to 10 days.

Rates from 134 euro?

In the context of its contribution also asked Jiutang his followers the ideal price for the wearable and called two options: 999 or 1.599 yuan. Equivalent in our currency this would correspond to 134 or 215 euros, so that is hardly worth an import. Bearing in mind also the Smartwatch probably not with Android Wear will be delivered will be probably much more attractive models in this country available with the Googleoperating system.

Fallen to the release of Xiaomi Smartwatch with touch screen in TheFreeGeography.com are still no precise information, it is only that she will be presented in the course of the second half of the year. Should new information be published, you will read of course we thereof.