Withings Activite Sapphire and Withings Activite Steel Currently Reduced

If you are interested in a Smartwatch from the French manufacturer Withings and would like to save you money, you should check out Amazon. Therewith the models Withings Activite Steel and the Withings Activite Sapphire are still available until the 23rd October and therefore at a much lower price. The two Smartwatches are already reduced and a coupon can be used to spare the purse.

For this, the buyer has only to do the following: If he has selected the appropriate product, the price is preceded by an orange field with the words “Coupon”. There is also a box on which a hook is to be placed. The discount of 30 euros for the Withings Activite Steel and for the Withings Activite Sapphire in the amount of 70 euros will be deducted automatically after the payment process at the cash desk.


The Withings Activite Steel is a watch, which is up to 50 meters water resistant, has an automatic activity measurement and is perfectly suited among others for running and swimming. The step number, the distance traveled over the day, and the burned calorie quantity are determined. In addition, the intelligent watch also monitors the duration and quality of the sleep and can be used as a silent alarm in the morning with the help of a vibration alarm.

The data is transferred to the HealthMate app, which is compatible with Android as well as with iOS. Because a battery is inserted into the Withings Activite Steel Smartwatch, which has a duration of eight months and longer, the user is spared charging. The models with black silicone strap and white or alternatively black dial are included in the discount sale. The Withings Smartwatch in a completely black look has already been reduced from 170 to 119 euros. Due to the current discount it costs only 89 euros.

To a Swiss brand with a French genuine leather band is the Withings Activite Sapphire, which is priced accordingly a little higher. It can also count on the functions of the first-named smartwatch points and, accordingly, count steps, measure burned calories and measure the distance traveled. The sleep monitoring and the silent alarm by means of vibration on the wrist are also mentioned here. This analogue clock with smart functions is also available in a black version with a silver stainless steel case. It is also already reduced and costs instead of the original 390 euros only slightly more than 335 euros. Through the discount, the price drops to around 265 euros. The second variant with a white dial and brown genuine leather bracelet comes through the discount for just under 290 euros to her buyer.