Windows on the Raspberry: PI – Hack Brings Back the Classic

A British developer shows us the latest in the network:A raspberry PI, which was converted into the Smartwatch. This is also precisely with an antiquated operating system:Windows 98.

Cool or silly? Modder builds a portable raspberry PI and Windows 98

Why? Like to ask. Why should someone with a raspberry want to build a Windows 98 Smartwatch PI? The hobbyist 314reactor answered this question with “why not?”. the goal of continued 314reactor Windows 98 to run on the mini-computers. He wanted to also take the design on your wrist. It is not clear – particularly small and unobtrusive. But it’s a Smartwatch PI consisting of a raspberry. And on which Windows 98 is emulated.

With touchscreen, Sugru and many cables: It is in the raspberry PI Smartwatch

The construction of the raspberry PI is relatively simple: the raspberry PI inside a specially for this integrated case. This in turn is closed with a raspberry-PI touchscreen. Also a battery and a PowerBoost of 500 inside the case. See a detailed collection of components in the Manual 314rectors blog. The hobbyist however brought together the components in some unorthodox way:he used for the Moldable adhesive Sugru. It comes in different colors and is used about to hang up noodle screens on the wall.

Windows 98 on the raspberry PI: possible only via an emulator

The old Windows operating system runs out-of-the-box on a raspberry PI. That’s why 314reactor builds a workaround and uses the open-source emulator QEMU to Windows 98 to be able to install on the Mini-PC.

The finished product looks more like a gadget from an old science fiction movie than a Smartwatch. The device is not useful probably rather. Finally, this raspberry PI Smartwatch doesn’t even have a Wi-Fi interface. For nostalgics, it is but a fun craft project – it bears Windows 98 Yes not every day on the wrist.

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