Will.i.am Talks about Apple Products and Defends Its Wearables

Is.i.am is already a real millennium: many know the American American musician as a member of the band The Black Eyed Peas, in which he not only worked as a singer and rapper, but also as a producer. In addition, he has already taken voice talks as a synchron. He also appeared as an actor in an X-Men movie. He also introduced his own Smartwatch, the Dial, to the market.

Recently, will.i.am has even been able to name “Tech Personality of the Year 2016” – an award that is given annually at the T3 Awards. In an interview with techradar after awarding the award, the musician talks about his passion for technology, critics and Apple products.


When asked what he says to the critics of his Wearables, will.i.am appeals. Some people would have a biased opinion against his Wearables, even though they did not even try the devices, he said, “I say fuck those opinions”. It was the frustration that had made him develop his own wearables. He had become a technology enthusiast, but then he was annoyed that the products could not do what they thought they should. That is also why he wanted to break out of the role of the pure consumer.

The musician shows himself, how can it be different, convinced of his products. But for Apple, too, he seems to have great sympathy, he explains at the same time that he likes the Apple products very much. The Apple Watch is good in explaining to people why they want to have a computer on the wrist. For him, this is good, because if you want to have a computer on the wrist, but want to be independent of the smartphone, then access the Dial. Competition is nothing new for him. Nowhere is there more competition than in the music industry: “How many people develop products for entertainment electronics versus how many people make music?”

His products will not knock anyone out of the socks, he explained further. But he also does not think if a person at Apple to work, that it works, the people from the socks to – Apple solves instead problems. Also wants.i.am would like to solve problems. He would like to further promote the interaction of humans with machines, so the musician.