Will Google Angelfish and Google Swordfish Be Presented in October?

The fact that the search engine giant Google probably works with high pressure on two own smartwatches, became known this summer. Angelfish and Swordfish are called these two. In the course of this report, some of the details of the two intelligent watches were also public, followed by no further news. It is possibly conceivable that Google has now finished the Wearables without great noise and soon presents the public. A press conference has already been held for the 4th of October. As quite sure already applies, that the two smartphones pixel and pixel XL are presented. Whether the Google Smartwatches can be expected, can only be speculated.

The event takes place in San Francisco on October 4 and will be broadcast live on Google’s official YouTube site. The company has just published a promotional video for the press event, but it does not reveal which products are really to be expected. At the end of the video, you can only see an outline that points to a smartphone. A search engine tweet also points to “devices from Google and all the things you can do with it” – primarily the new Google smartphones are pixels and pixels XL as successors of the Nexus series.


With “devices from Google” can also be the two Smartwatches Angelfish and Swordfish. That is why there is corresponding speculation that not only the new phones, but also these two Wearables are presented. What also points to this is the fact that the two Smartwatches were announced in the first reports in July for the end of this year.

The Google angelfish , which is to be translated with sea angel in German to receive the status of a premium watch and thus be the flagship of the Group in the wearables segment. Visually, the model according to a first rendering strongly resembles the Motorola Moto 360 2, although it should be somewhat sporty. Three buttons on the right bezel and a display diameter of 43.5 millimeters belong to the expected characteristics of this watch. It should also have an integrated LTE module, a heart rate monitor and a GPS transmitter.

Google Swordfish is the slimmer of the two variants with a display diameter of 42 millimeters and a thickness of just 10.6 millimeters. This is also shown by the fact that instead of the three buttons of the Google Angelfish only one button was installed. The focus of this smartwatch to be translated as “swordfish” is clearly placed on optics and elegance. An LTE module and GPS is not supposed to have this model. A question mark must also be placed behind the heart rate monitor. The Swordfish watch is characterized by many individual design possibilities, thanks to 16 simple interchangeable wristbands and the typical basic functions of a Smartwatch.

The Google AndroidWear operating system runs on both smartwatches is not to be doubted. It is assumed, however, that these models have exclusive functions, which other wearables with the same software can not offer. At least until October 4, all interested parties have to wait to see if the rumors about the two hotly debated smartwatches are true.