Wearable Technology Is Intended to Enhance Spectacles

Smart contact lenses are already a topic in the area of ​​wearable technology. If, however, glasses are mentioned, it is currently mostly about virtual reality headsets and not about classical visual aids. Google experimented in this area at least with his Google Glass, but the project was known, as it did not meet the requirements of the company. Currently, VSP Global, a manufacturer of eyeglasses and other visual aids, has supported a study at the University of Southern California to explore the potential of wearable technology for eyeglasses.


Internally, VSP research departments are already testing glasses that incorporate technical hardware. This was the beginning of the development phase already in 2014, and prototypes and concepts were tested internally with numerous developers. VSP Global’s chance is that currently, according to studies, many fitness bracelets among buyers will be left in the drawer after 90 days at the latest. The user is wearing spectacles anyway and therefore the use of wearable technology could also increase in the long term. If you put your glasses on with built-in fitness functions, just no more danger of forgetting the device.

Current test models from VSP already integrate a magnetometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a battery and Bluetooth as an interface for wireless connections to smartphones. Three days of battery life are currently available for the prototypes. VSP Global currently uses “Level” as the code name for its eyewear with Wearable Technology. The spectacles can currently measure burned calories, the duration of sporting activities, the distance traveled and completed steps.

The University of Southern California is to carry out a study in December 2016 – 300 subjects are to use the spectacles. The results will be published in early 2017. If and when the spectacles with Wearable Technology then appear for the mass market, according to speakers VSP Globals also depend on the study results for the use. Also the price of the glasses, a very interesting factor, is still silent. Later generations should also measure the heart beat and also record the body temperature.