Wear the Future: Reduced Fitness Bracelets, Smartwatches and More

Under the title “wear the future” provider currently operates a new promotion where different device categories are partly reduced sharply in price, all of which are considered “acceptable”. In addition to fitness bracelets, Smartwatches, headphones and virtual-reality headsets are on offer.

Fitness wristbands

Straight is still new, now already reduced by more than 50 percent? That applies to the new Xiaomi MI band 2. Gearbest is the product under the “wear the future” action as one of many fitness bracelets reduced offered. Instead of 70.55 euros, you must spend currently only 34,11 euros. There is also the classic, the MI band 1s for just 12 euros or dozens devices from other manufacturers. Browsing may be worth if you are just looking for a fitness wearable.


Who instead after a Smart watch looking is at themeparktour.com “wear the future”-promo also find it. For example, the Ulefone-GW01is among the top sellers. Gearbest want this 49,49 Euro instead of else 149,46. In addition, but also a U80 Smartwatch for just 7 euros will be remaindered. If you have still no Smartwatch, should take a look on the discount offer.

VR headsets

Virtual reality is currently on everyone’s lips. Even more surprising is that there are dozens of products which deal with the topic. At Gearbest, you can order so-called VR headsets that work largely like Google’s cardboard, so represent a head covering in which to integrate its own Smartphone to use 360-degree-apps and videos. Some devices, such as the Baofeng Mojing D offer even a Bluetooth controller, to the operation of the apps in the virtual reality 3D. The price range begins in this segment at just over 5 euros. You should compare the details in the description in each case to find the optimal device for himself. The vast majority of which are only compatible with Androidsmartphones.


Finally be within the framework of the “wear the future”-promo offered also headphones and headsets. It offered both in-ear and over-ear devices. Applies also here: to make browsing on the details to make a real bargain.