WatchOS 3 Makes the Apple Watch an Emergency Helper

Apple announced the new version of its Smartwatch operating system already announced in June at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) and the update for this fall. One of the new features of the watchOS 3 software is, in addition to improved performance and ease of use, an integrated emergency function. In this case, the user is to be enabled to bring help in a danger situation with only a single button print. This innovation is now available.

To activate this emergency function, press the button on the side of the Apple Watch. It is important that the button is pressed for a long time, because the user simply brings the user into the menu overview. When the button is pressed correctly, three options are available: the device can be switched off, or the emergency pass can be called up and an emergency signal can be issued.


The emergency passport is a kind of concise overview, to which the data have to be entered via the iPhone in the Health App. Here, information such as the name, the date of birth, important contacts as well as the blood group and information on organ donation are to be deposited. In the event that the person concerned can not be approached, he carries all relevant, vital information on the wrist, so that he can be looked after as quickly as possible by helpers.

To get help, there is the SOS function. On the one hand, it is accessible by pressing the button after pressing the button. On the other hand, there is also a further configuration option via the Apple Watch Health App. In this case, it is possible to set an emergency call simply after six seconds of pressing. The Smartwatch either accesses the connected iPhone or uses a WiFi network directly. It does not matter where the victim is, because Apple has installed all emergency numbers around the world.

In the Health app, emergency contacts can also be stored: they receive information as soon as the SOS function is used. As soon as this happens, they are informed of the current location of the person concerned and can also track it at any time if it changes.

So much to the emergency features of Apple’s watchOS 3. In addition, further innovations are to be expected, which include an application for more conscious breathing and fitness functions for wheelchair users. The new Smartwatch software is likely to be expected in just a few weeks. In the course of the addition is Apple Watch 2 expected.