Voice Calls With “Extras” And Tv In The Smartwatch

Vodafone Call +

The way we use mobile communications has changed a lot in recent years. Over time the voice was being replaced by the use of SMS and then chat services (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, among many others) and then added to the mix the video, through services like Skype or iChat.

In this context, Luís Pedro Cardoso, head of mobile Internet content and Services, says that “there are a number of trends that are being used in the smartphones that are not associated with the voice” and that, therefore, the Vodafone wants to “innovate on the traditional service of communications: the voice call.

With the Vodafone Call +, the user can associate to call a set of information it deems important to spend the addressee, i.e. give context prior to the voice call. For example, what is the matter, if the call is important, the location where it is or a photograph that will serve as a motto for the conversation. “It’s an added value to make the decision to attend or not a call. The user can decide, for example, respond later or go meet elsewhere “, explained Luís Pedro Cardoso.

Vodafone Call + also lets you share content during voice call, such as photography and video. This function prevents, for example, the constraint of start a video call directly in a moment inadvisable for the recipient. The person in charge of mobile Internet content and Services explained to us that the use of the headset or handsfree mode “are the most practical way to use the service, since information sharing (files or video) in the course of the call requires the use of hands,” but this is also a common behavior these days. ”

Vodafone Call + uses the service engine Message +, an application that allows SMS messaging and Chat (similar to WhatsApp or Messenger). In a call, the voice component uses the conventional voice service and the rest is transmitted via mobile data or Wi-Fi. Mobile data consumption varies depending on the shared content and works with GPRS, although from the 3 g experience becomes complete, improving steadily with the H (HSPA) and with the 4 g, as explained Mallak, product manager of Vodafone Call +.

Call + and the Message + function independently of the recipient have their applications installed. The system automatically detects the existence of implementation in the two terminals and activate (or not) the advanced features.

Tiago Martins, product manager of Vodafone Call +, explained to us in this video what it is and how the service works:

One of the great advantages of this new service is security. As explained James Martins, the Vodafone Call + (and the Message +) uses the servers of the company and ensures the confidentiality of the data, be the voice call, video or file sharing. This doesn’t happen with other messaging services (so-called OTT-over-the-top content), you may be using servers located outside Europe and therefore do not comply with the laws and data protection policies of regulators (in the Portuguese case, ANACOM).

Vodafone Call + is free and is available for iOS and Android. The service is already active for all customers and to promote, the operator provides data used by this service, by the end of the year.

Tv in the Smartwatch

Vodafone is the first operator in the world to make the viewing of television, live, on the smartwatch clock. The adoption of these wearables (technological accessories) is growing and has led Vodafone to develop innovative technology, with several strands.

The TV functionality on the Smartwatch clock is available for Android devices (soon also to the Apple Watch) and is automatically activated via the Vodafone TV application download for Smartwatch clock for the smartphone — once installed, the application synchronizes with the smartwatch clock.

And view 30 television channels, this application has a perhaps more useful functionality: serves as the command box. “With this application we spent hanging out with the command on the wrist,” said us Duarte Constantine, product manager of Vodafone. Works with any box Vodafone, since the first version, and use the television box doesn’t need to be linked, just an internet connection by Wi-Fi, in any location. By applying the Smartwatch clock TV you can query the grid information about programs, schedule a recording and control the functions of play, pause, forward and backward, among others.

Duarte Constantine explained to us in detail how the application works TV in the Smart watch for diving. Check this link for more information.

In practice, what is the point of watching television on a tiny screen smartwatch clock? Duarte Constantine gave us an example with grace: “to see how it’s running a football game”. In practice, users will be sovereign and decide whether (and how) this technological innovation can be useful.

The Vodafone applications and services Call + and TV on the Smartwatch clock have been developed by the departments of development and engineering of Vodafone, in collaboration with Portuguese companies. Are a showcase of technology made in Portugal.