US Study Shows the Greatest Weaknesses of Current Smartwatches

According to a new study from the US, many customers consider the current smartwatches as “ugly”, “too big” and “too expensive”. Those criticisms brought in many people a survey among 1,506 US citizens. About 49% of respondents, almost half say, have not bought Smartwatch because they were waiting for prices to fall. So there is quite interest in Smartwatches – however the willingness to pay of the surveyed US customers ends at about 200 US dollars.


The latest study on Smartwatches comes from First Insight. Those who are a market research company in the US are highly regarded and sell their data to partner companies, which then receive detailed studies with future forecasts. First Insight therefore sees it as a problem that the Smartwatch market has broken down according to the expected 2014 forecasts this year. LG, Motorola and Huawei have already drawn the conclusion.

The reason for this is that the Smartwatches are currently not meeting the needs of customers. The price here is the largest gap: 75% of the women surveyed want to pay about less than 200 US dollars for a Smartwatch. For men, 60% of respondents also want to spend a maximum of 200 US dollars. Even if a Smartwatch is perceived as high-quality, the price can still remain an obstacle.

In addition, First Insight warns that manufacturers should address more specific target groups with their smartwatches. The market for smart watches is not one on which a product could satisfy all parties. There must be smartwatches for sportsmen, for businessmen, for students, etc. Each group has different requirements. If the latter succeeds better in the future, the sales figures will also rise and the perception of the customers will shift back into the positive.