Ulefone-GW01: Smartwatch with Many Sensors and Siri Support for 50 Euro

The definition of a Smartwatch is broad and what is everyone including, is individually different. Ulefone considers, for example, a wrist watch that measures many body metrics and communicated to the paired smartphone at the GW01, Smartwatch.

Temperature, UV, pulse

The Ulefone is actually more of a Ulewatch – corny jokes aside: the GW01 is a Smartwatch was equipped with a 1.3-inch, round screen, are shown on the 240 × 240 pixels. Which is based on the chip MTK2502 of Mediatek, has 64 MB RAM and 128 MB of Flash memory. According to the manufacturer, it is waterproof.

Smartwatch functions it offers telephoning via Smartphone, the sign of new messages. She can measure the pulse, counting the last steps, reminiscent of the regular standing up, and monitor sleep. She can continue to measure the body temperature and indicate when it has stopped is too long in the Sun, the UV-sensor makes it possible.

The Ulefone-GW01 is compatible with iOS and Android 4.3 7.0 or each new. She can also communicate with Siri, but that works only on the iPhone. According to the manufacturer, the 310 mAh large battery is recharged and ready for use up to five days in 3 hours.

Smartwatch for 50 euro

The Ulefone-GW01 is currently on sale and Up-to-date 49,26 Euro – 54,99 dollarsin the online mail order Gearbest. The number of available copies is however limited.