U8 Smartwatch for under 7 Euros on Sale

Admittedly, the regular purchase price doesn’t cost the Earth also. But currently the U8 Smartwatch at our partner shop GearBest is reduced to less than 7 euros. Interested parties should quickly slamming, because the offer not the is time limited, but applies only as long as supplies last.

The U8 Smartwatch at GearBest is offered for 6.89 euros . Anyone looking for an affordable first step into the world of smart wristwatches, which could try it in this case.

What does the U8?

First of all there’s the U8 Smartwatch in three different colors: black, white, and rose-red. These offer both the strap and the plastic housing of the corresponding color.

The Smartwatch weighs only 44 grams. It offers Bluetooth support. In this way, you can connect with your own mobile phone. The U8 is compatible with Android smartphones, but not with the iPhone or Windows phone. The provider indicates that you should download the corresponding Android app for your Smartphone as APK file on the Internet, then install them on your Android Smartphone. It seems however also a download in the Google play store to give, although it is not unique to check from our side whether the same app.

It synchronizes the address book and call list. You will also receive notifications via SMS and calls, as well as information on what’s new in Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, QQ and other instant messengers. Also a weather forecast offered by the provider.