Tushi Pal: What a Fitness Bracelet Has to Do with the Tradition of the Mayas

Hardly a day goes by when no fresh wearable is presented on one of the known crowdfunding platforms. Tushi Pal is a new fitness bracelet that combines modern technology with the Mayan tradition. The tracker itself has been developed by the US company TushiRocks. The bracelets are hand-made by the Mayans. The project, which also creates jobs for the indigenous people in Mexico, will be financed by kick-start with $ 60,000 by 5 January.


The idea for the Tushi Pal Fitness Bracelet was born in November 2015. On a trip that two of the founders of TushiRocks undertook through some of the Mayan communities, they recognized the craftsmanship there and believed that this was also suitable for a wearable. This has now resulted in a finished product, which is a full-fledged fitness bracelet – each of which is made by hand and thus represents a single piece.

From a technical point of view, this is a full-fledged tracker for sports, with all the important functions. An optical pulse meter detects the heart rate permanently or every 15 to 60 minutes and keeps it in the eye at night. Apropos at night: The Tushi Pal fitness bracelet is also a sleep-tracking with the distinction of the individual phases.

In addition, a step counter, a distance measurement and an exact calculation of the calorie consumption are standard equipment of this sporty wearable. With the help of the heart rate, the Tushi Pal Fitness Bracelet provides an orientation to train in the desired intensity zones, which can, among other things, improve the basic endurance or stimulate fat burning. A movement reminder after a long sitting is also with the part.

In conjunction with a smartphone, the Tushi Pal can also provide incoming calls and messages of all kinds. From mails via WhatsApp and SMS to Wechat, the Tracker supports almost all types of messages. So that the mobile phone quickly emerges again when it is not findable, can be triggered by the fitness bracelet an alarm. The Selfie camera can also be operated via the Tracker. The battery comes with up to 15 days with a charge.

The lowest price for the first pre-buyers on kickstarter is at 74 euro. These will get their Tushi Pal Fitness Bracelet already in January next year.



Tushi Pal: What a Fitness Bracelet Has to Do with the …

Tushi Pal: What a Fitness Bracelet Has to Do with the ...

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