Tudor Ends Us Catch in His Exhibition Retrospective of Watches

As you already have through our Lee twitter account a few days we had the pleasure to attend the exhibition”Tudor History on Tour”, the retrospective which the firm Tudor watch organized in Madrid in the successful framework of the Rabat jewelry.

The history of Tudor as many know goes back to 1946 when Hans Wilsdorf, which now consider it a visionary in marketing issues, creates a parallel to Rolex with the aim of creating watch company “to watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that would attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex is famous”.

Struck me particularly see watches from several times with a design that has survived very well at the time, especially those of the 70s. The Re-releases Tudor are so tempting as easy to deal with because of the excellent savoir-faire of the different responsible for design brand throughout history.

Excellent quality materials and finishes. And not only in the clock itself, I refer to all the details, which touch have the! NATO straps Tudor! This coupled design in general things, balanced and in my opinion nothing dependent on fads and fashions make this signature a real “must” for fans of watches that often fall into temptations.

Another key factor seems to me the size, diameter content boxes make the clock the perfect complement to your outfit with the right role, or goes ahead of you or leaves you lying when you go out to the stage. But hey, I already end with the boring talk and I leave with you some pictures of my favorite models.

Tudor Heritage Advisor for the traveller

By the time adventure, Heritage Ranger

For your sport while Heritage Chrono Blue

It is just a sample of the watches that Tudor It has in catalog at this time. There are of course the divers and watches for motor enthusiasts. I recommend you take a look at the website of the firm, and of course you do not fail to tell us which is your favorite model.