Tiger Smartwatch Now Available as a Cheap Android Wear Alternative

At this year’s IFA in Berlin, manufacturer DASQ Electronics presented its first Smartwatch to the public, now the intelligent clock with a proprietary operating system is now available. It fulfills all the usual functions, which can be demanded by a device of this product category. In addition, it can with both Android and iOS, so that compatibility was respected here. For a non-committal price of 150 euros is the elegant Smartwatch made of stainless steel as a cheap alternative to most Android Wear devices.


Comparatively large is the 1.22 inch measuring touchscreen guessing, which turns itself on request for energy saving also. An optical heart rate sensor can be found on the underside of the housing so that the pulse can be monitored. With 122 grams, the Tiger Smartwatch is no more than a light weight.

However, it fulfills all the standard features expected from a smartwatch: it makes your user aware of incoming calls, mails and all other messages and news from the social networks. In addition, she records his physical activity, from the walked steps to the burnt calories and, of course, the sleeping racking does not have to be in the back seat. To ensure that the user is not inactive for too long, the clock regularly reminds him that a little movement should be called up again. The Tiger Smartwatch also functions as a remote control for the smartphone, for example, the trigger of the camera can be actuated. Because DASQ Electronics has also missed a loudspeaker, it can also be used as a hands-free kit for telephone calls.

The battery has a capacity of 300 mAh and can last up to three days, until it requires new energy again. The user can use the supplied docking station to feed the user. The sight of its extensive functions with 150 Euro quite favorable Tiger Smartwatch is now available in the trade.



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