Thim: Of a Wearable That Arouses His Wearer, That he May Sleep Better

It may sound quite contradictory, what a team of researchers by Professor Leonlack from Flinders University from the Australian Adelaide has developed. Thim is the name of a wearable in the form of a small ring. This is attached to a finger before going to bed and is intended to improve sleep quality by waking its wearer. This new product, in simplified terms, is able to train a better and faster fall asleep. On the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the Thimring has now been successfully financed. The campaign will end only tomorrow, but the target of 120,000 Australian dollars has already been exceeded.

On the platform, the product is presented as a result of investigations. This method, developed by Professor Lack and his team, can help a person sleep up to 30 minutes more per night and a full 70 minutes longer. It is necessary for the sleep-in to be trained. The thim ring provides the corresponding help. It has three main functions.


He can recognize very precisely when his wearer has fallen asleep. Once that is done, he brings him back from the realm of dreams through a gentle vibration. By a finger movement, the user signals that he is awake again. Afterwards the game starts again anew. The startup, which by the way is called the Thim ring, recommends spending the first hour of night rest. The ideal rhythm would be to wake up again and again after three minutes. The settings can be made using the Thim app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. The second function of the ring can also be configured there. This is devoted to wake up in the morning. So that the user can start as fresh as possible in the day, it will wake him up during a light sleep phase. For this purpose, a time window must be specified in the application in which it would like to be woken up. If, for example, he would have been up to 8.00 hours at the latest, he could adjust the time interval from 7:30 am. The thim ring then adjusts the ideal moment and then triggers a vibration alarm.

Similarly, he can also act in the so-called power-naps, the short sleep for energizing. Ten minutes are considered to be the most effective time for such a nap. Everyone who stretches his lunch sleep will already have noticed that he feels asleep afterwards. To prevent this, the Thim Wearable controls exactly when the user has fallen asleep and wakes it up after the ten minutes.

Last but not least, Thim promises that the ring will provide more accurate sleep monitoring than the Smartwatches and Fitness Tracker available on the market. The data can be evaluated in the app, where the night rest is divided into the light, the deep and the waking phases. If necessary, these values ​​can also be examined by a doctor before the patient is sent to a sleep laboratory. The Thim Wearable gets its energy from a battery. Charging is via a cable provided.

The success of Thim on kickstarter once again shows that sleep problems are a widespread phenomenon. Many people suffer from it, and studies have shown that most adults do not have enough sleep. It is proven that sufficient night rest has a whole series of positive effects. Stress is reduced, depression can be avoided and stress can be reduced. Likewise, the memory performance increases and body weight is reduced.

The ring, by which more people benefit from the advantages by sufficient sleep, appears in May of the coming year. All those who have co-financed the project will receive their personal sleeping coaching in the coming weeks.