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The Wilds Attraction in Ohio

North America

The Wilds is a private, non-profit safari park and conservation center in Cumberland, Ohio.

Rare and endangered animal species from around the world live in this wilderness.

The whole nature reserve The Wilds extends to about 9154 hectares of former coal mining land. 15 miles of hiking trails and around 150 lakes provide an ideal habitat for many wildlife.

Educational programs and adventures such as side slides, horseback riding, fishing and more can be undertaken by visitors.
Tours in open-air safari vehicles take you through the park.

Designated as an Audubon Important Bird Area, The Wilds includes a bird observatory with a covered lookout and a butterfly habitat. From May to October the wilderness can be visited daily. It is considered the largest wildlife conservation center in North America.

History of Safari Parks The Wilds

According to mcat-test-centers, in 1984, the Wilds was created as a non-profit International Center for Wildlife Conservation. Partnerships with Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources and Development, the Columbus Zoo and other private sectors were formed in the late 1970’s and contributed to this. That same year, the Central Ohio Coal Mining Company released the area to The Wilds. This allowed the development and planning of the nature reserve to begin.

In 1989 the Johnson Visitor Center was completed. In 1990 the construction of the first stables and fencing of the open areas began. In 1992 the first wild horses moved in, Przewalski horses.

Just two years later, The Wilds opened to the public. More animals were added. Tours of The Wilds safari park were offered to visitors.

In 2001, partnership began with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell. He helped with the further development of the safari park The Wilds according to the ideas of the founders. In addition, the Columbus Zoo supports the future of the nature reserve and promotes science and education.

Conservation & Conservation Projects The Wilds

The wilderness – The Wilds tries to protect many rare wild animals with the project. This includes training in animal husbandry and environmental medicine, which examines the relationships between humans, animals and environmental conditions.

There are three projects to preserve environmental medicine. This includes assessing water quality and its impact on marine life. In addition, health parameters are examined in different habitats and freshwater mussels are analyzed for diseases, parasites and toxins. It is researched how to best preserve the ecosystem.

Tours of The Wilds with lots of wildlife

Join one of the daily open air safari tours through the wilderness and drive through the open animal areas with open air safari vehicles and a guide. Here you can see rhinos, giraffes and many other rare and endangered animals in their natural environment.

Activities at Wilds Safari Park

Many different activities can be used in the park. Guided fishing safaris are available on the many lakes in the park. Horseback safaris are offered for both beginners and experienced riders. These tours are between 45 minutes and 1 hour long and lead through breathtaking scenery.
Mountain biking tours can be booked and an absolute highlight are the rope slides – zipline tours through the area.

Wilderness Hours – The Wilds

The Safari Park The Wilds is open daily from May to September. The opening times are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (last tour starts at 4 p.m.).
In October, The Wilds Park only opens on the weekends. In winter, special winter tours are offered, which can only be taken if you register in advance. The park is closed on Thanksgiving, December 24th, December 25th and January 1st.

Overnight stays at the lodge are available year round. Overnight stays at Nomad Ridge are only available from May through October, and that’s for adults only. Awe-inspiring views of the wilderness can be seen from the Nomad Ridge viewing platforms.

Address of The Wilds attraction in Ohio

The Wilds
14000 International Rd
Cumberland, OH 43732
United States

Wilderness Hours - The Wilds