The Wearable Moov HR Measures the Pulse at the Head

The wearable manufacturer Moov is back after his highly acclaimed fitness shoe Moov Now with something very special. The tracker Moov HR measures the heart rate, as the name suggests. According to the manufacturer, the measurement should be the most exact available on the market. In order to achieve this accuracy, the pulse is measured in a unique way or at an unusual point in the body: Moov HR is a headband and determines the pulse beat of the head of the wearer.

The tracker itself works similar to that of Moov Now. The button size core of the wearable is protected by silicone and can be integrated into different head covers. For this purpose, a headband or, for activities in the water, a swimming cap is provided.


The pulse meter of the tracker is in principle also an optical, as it is installed in many bracelets. However, Moov has pushed the technology forward. It is adapted to the very thin skin of the upper head and is therefore intended to provide a very precise measurement result.

With the collected data, special interval training can be undertaken in various sports such as cycling, cardio boxes, swimming or running. In addition, the real-time training known by Moov via an audio trainer via smartphone. The battery life should be about six hours.

The Tracker settles in the lower segment price-wise, in terms of price-performance ratio can hardly a manufacturer with Moov keep up. Currently, the Moov HR is available for 59.95 US dollars (but the price is either the headband or bathing cap included, who wants both, has to pay double the price). Once the tracker will be available, it will cost $ 99.