The Technician’s Health Insurance Company Is Considering Rewarding Carriers of Fitness Bracelets

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has a bonus program which is intended to reward insured persons for measures that maintain health in the long term. Thus the statutory health insurance wants to prevent possible costs by unhealthy members. The bonus program so far includes measures such as cancer prevention, regular dental visits, health courses for weight loss or smoking, as well as membership in sports clubs. This catalog is now possible to use a fitness bracelet are added.

However, this idea, which has been expressed by the head of the telecommunications department, Jens Baas, has already been criticized on various sides. For example, politicians of the Greens see the solidarity principle endangered by the statutory health insurance. They must accept every candidate according to this principle and must not discriminate against the elderly or the sick. However, the TC rejects this fear because the bonus program is only voluntary and the participants benefit. Others are not explicitly disadvantaged, however, if they do not transmit fitness data.


Data protectionists, on the other hand, are critical about the latter point of data transmission. Sensitive body data should be treated carefully and not simply passed on to groups – not even to health insurance companies. Thus, insured quickly become glass customers. Heiko Maas, Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, expressed similar criticism in February, when he clearly expressed himself against the pressure from the health insurance companies. However, the minister did not regard the voluntary transmission of fitness data as critically as many consumer protectionists do.