The Clear Blue Sea As Flag With The Blue Cruiser Of Ulysse Nardin Watch

Born spirits pioneers in 2001, redesigned in 2013 to marry dear marine codes to Ulysse Nardin, Freak Cruiser hoist the mainsail into a blue ocean. Always as spectacular with his ” Carousel-whirlpool ” flying and its exhaust Dual Ulysses in Silicon, this timepiece exceptional drape this time his telescope, the lower deck turning and rotating color upper bridge water funds. In old sea dog, he adopted the name of Blue Cruiser to the passage.

Never a watch did not accomplish such a conceptual and technological leap in watchmaking – a feat that remains unparalleled to this day. Devoid of dial like hands, Blue Cruiser is built in such a way to rotate its movement on himself. Connected to the center of this amazing ship, turning lower deck shows the hours, while the upper deck in the form of boat anchor skeletonised – which carries the gear train, the balance-spring couple and the exclusive exhaust Dual Ulysses in Silicon – displays the minutes. Called carousel-flying Tourbillon, this device defying the imagination is more fully floating, as reduced central stem once coming to dock with the Sapphire to support the whole construction. Check aparentingblog for Samsung Gear S2.

Atypical, Blue Cruiser is also in its handling. Devoid of Crown and push buttons, it is set by the rotating bezel, in a sense as in the other. As for the reassembly of the barrel – designed for a market of more than seven days reserve – it is using the substantive scope mounted on ball bearing. These two elements – the front and bottom glasses – are such integral parts of this amazing movement wound manual, visible through an open bottom.

White Gold or pink 18 and this ship of Vanguard sports a respectable size of 45 mm in diameter that seduced more he torments. Very elegant with his alligator – blue or brown – clasp bracelet, Blue Cruiser is, by vocation, of all journeys.?