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The Perpetual Calendar of FrÉDÉRique Constant Manufacture Watch

The Frédérique Constant House benefits from mechanical engineering and elegant aesthetics, the complexity and the craftsmanship of the Swiss watchmaker’s art as a source of inexhaustible inspiration. For this reason, the family company decided to develop his movement is home and presented the results in 2004: the caliber manufacture Heart Beat. The factory enriches every year • Read More »

The Top 10 Chronographs Of The Year

Which Chronographs Stand Out From The Crowd? Use a mechanical clock to stop the cooking time of pasta? Certainly, the fewest watch lovers use their chronograph for this purpose. Why is this additional function still the most popular of all complications? One reason is undoubtedly the sporty look of the chronographs. But not only the typical design of a • Read More »

How to Choose a Dive Watch

Scubaland offers the excellent divers, snorkelers, underwater hunters… a wide selection of waterproof watches to their aquatic activities in good conditions and have a follow-up on their sessions. Better watches and in response to the latest technologies in the world of diving watches. How to choose a dive watch? It should be take several criteria • Read More »