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Smarty Ring:Smartwatch For the Finger Comes

The Smarty ring is a mini Smartwatch for fingers. A small LED on the ring can remotely control your phone and be advised of messages or calls. The Smarty ring is a Crowdfunding platform Project that is in life. It was smart ring, whose Erfinder wanted to collect $ 40,000 to finance long. Meanwhile • Read More »

Huawei Talk Band B1:Huawei’s First Smartwatch

The Chinese company Huawei has unveiled the first own Smartwatch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next to new smartphones and tablets. The talk band B1 features of both gadgets should unite as a hybrid between the fitness band and the Smartwatch.

Gear Live and G Watch:Surprise in the Interior

A look in Samsung’s new Smartwatch gear live and the LG G watch shows the battery with two clocks can be easily replaced. A damaged display, however, can hardly been replaced without breaking the glass. So probably means a display defect: total damage. The crafting experts at iFixit found that out as they the two • Read More »

Microsoft Smartwatch:Used to Release the Windows Clock For Summer

A Smartwatch with additional fitness and health functions from the Microsoft home is in planning. At least the group in a report by the US magazine announced this Forbes. Therefore the Microsoft Watch the Smartwatch by Samsung to resemble and Xbox one use technology of the Kinect sensor from the console.

Samsung Has the Knack

With the new Samsung gear S3, the manufacturer backs up our IFA Award for the best newcomer of the Smartwatch. The clock is a successful update of its predecessor and comes back with the unique, rotating bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Gear to Connect to the Iphone

Samsung has released the first full-fledged Smartwatch with the Galaxy Gear. You can also connect them to the iphone. We will show you how this works and what you can expect from the combination.

Test Galaxy Gear: How Good Is Samsung’s Smartwatch the?

Is Smartwatches a real big trend? The mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony to hope to be able to establish themselves in a new field? Whether and how Smartwatches will prevail, is still hard to say. What we can say but: the Samsung Galaxy gear is an expensive gimmick that is worthwhile only • Read More »

Apple Watch Review: Initial Tests Show Problems of the Smartwatch

Long app loading times, short battery life, complicated and expensive – so is the conclusion of the first tests of the Apple Watch around the globe. This is a serious judgment for a prestige product like the Apple clock, the first product of the company, which was created after the death of Steve Jobs. But • Read More »

Deaf Blind Teenager Makes the Smartwatch Test

The 20-year old British woman Molly Watts gives us the possibility of the Apple Watch quite different to experience – because Molly is suffering from the usher syndrome and can therefore hardly see and hear.

Sony Smartwatch 2: the 5 Best Apps

Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular. So does the Sony Smartwatch 2. That’s why we show you the best apps in this practice tip.

Competition for the Apple Watch

The American company of Olio devices brings a new Smartwatch into the market, there are four noble models of Olio model one to start. Convincing wants the box with luxury and Linux.

Apple Watch 42 Mm: Bigger, Faster, Better

Conclusion:Apple Watch sports scores in the test better than the Apple Watch sport 38 mm, 42 mm and is test winner. Reasons are a stronger battery, better handling, and flottere performance as this made the small Apple Watch sports.

The 5 Most Useful Smartwatch Apps

Smartwatches and the associated apps are already playing an ever greater role. Therefore, here are the five most useful tools for your digital clock.

Smartwatch: Save battery – 5 Smart Tips

With the current Smartwatches, the weak battery is the most vulnerable. With these battery saving tips, you can still significantly extend the runtime. Even if you take only some of the factors into account, you notice a significant increase in maturity.

ASUS Launches Smart Watch with Curved Screen

ZenWatch has Android Wear and setting similar to other recently announced watches In a press conference held on Wednesday (3) in 2014 IFA , Europe’s biggest technology fair, Asus has announced its new products in the coming months. The highlight is with the ZenWatch, the company’s first smart watch. The product is priced at 199 • Read More »

Huawei Watch 2

BARCELONA, Spain, February 2017 28/PRNewswire/— the Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) defined a new category of wearable technology with the HUAWEI WATCH 2. From developments and results of your most recent searches, Huawei, innovator in technology, created the watch combines the connectivity of a smartphone, applications of intelligent life a smartwatch clock premium and training • Read More »

Technology Used in Smartwatch

Monotype is working on a technology for rendering the font shown on screens of smart watches Smart watches have a clear limitation when showing content: its small screen.Although their functions are not intended for us to be a long time in front of the screen, even in quick glances resolution and font size can be annoying when reading a • Read More »

Motorola Smartwatch 360

At the base, I’m not a big fan of watches or gadgets also. Yet from year to year, it starts to grow on me. So, when I have the opportunity to discover one and even better, you get something cool (see end of article), I jumped at the chance! You ready Marcel? Let’s go back • Read More »