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The Top 15 World Clocks

All Time Zones In View With A Mechanical World Time Clock Would you like to know if your business partner is already sitting at the desk in Tokyo? Or you are on business trip and would like to say good night to your child? The various time zones of the world and the globalized world of work • Read More »

Smartwatch: Save battery – 5 Smart Tips

With the current Smartwatches, the weak battery is the most vulnerable. With these battery saving tips, you can still significantly extend the runtime. Even if you take only some of the factors into account, you notice a significant increase in maturity.

Olio Smartwatch Review

Only proprietary hardware and software: It is not surprising that other companies on the wearable train want to jump with the impending release of the Apple Watch. The company Olio from San Francisco stands out but from the competition, because it has developed hardware and software completely even for his first Smartwatch for years.

LG Android Wear

Android Wear Operating systems dedicated to smart clocks are in a phase that can be considered in development, there is still much to explore in this world. In this particular case, we have the latest updated version of Android Wear, compatible with all Android devices with versions higher than or equal to 4.3 Jelly Bean, • Read More »

Skintrack – Control The Smartwatch Through Your Skin

The smartwatches have slowly gained its space in the market, winning people for self – indulgence and features they offer. A team from the research laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University developed the SkinTrack, a system that allows you to control the smart clock through a touch interface on the user’s skin.

Players Use App and Smartwatch

Imagine the following: you have to keep checking to see if there are good Pokemon in the area in which you find yourself. This is the routine of Pokémon players GO, something that ends up spending prematurely smartphone battery. Unless you have a Poké Ball, your burden won’t last long. Because of this, many users • Read More »

Sony Smartwatch 2 Reaches The Portuguese Market

The SmartWatch market is growing and the holiday season approach will certainly be a stepping stone for this device to appear on many people’s wrists. Sony released a few months ago the new version of its smart watch and this one comes now to Portugal. As a Christmas hint Sony Mobile reinforces its presence in Portugal with SmartWatch • Read More »

Review: Razer Nabu Smartwatch

Razer has a proposition quite different from that of other manufacturers when it comes to smart clock. Instead of betting on a smartwatch clock full of features, the company specializes in products for gaming brought an accessory that does the basics, but the aggressive delivery which is characteristic of the gamer tag. We had the • Read More »

We Tested The Nabu Watches

Wearable technology is the new pride of the industry. Basically, all of which can have a smartphone already has one, and the focus turned to the creation of the smart phone accessories that orbit. From this was born, the whole internet of things, and the already cited wearable technology, which includes bracelets, sunglasses and watches. • Read More »

[WTS] Martian Watches: the Martians Landed with New Models

Mark Wereable Technology Show 2015, the Martian Watchs Californian brand offers ten new models of watches. A Collection, Two Lines The new Late Spring 2015 of Martian Watches collection is almost here. With its ten new models offering all command, Martian Watches technology decided to decline them in two different lines : the Stainless Steel • Read More »

Microsoft Smartwatches

The rumor related to the race of smartwatches today talks about the device from Microsoft and reveals several possible information about it. Most striking, perhaps, is that the display is made of glass, but of a kind of translucent aluminium that is up to four times more resistant than other material. The story was told • Read More »

Zeblaze Blitz, A Smartwatch That Also Surprises For The Price!

There are more and more offers in the world of smartwatches with features that turn them into real wrist smartphones. Today we announce a new model, the Zeblaze Blitz, a smart Android clock with support for SIM card, heart rate sensor and more.

Android Wear New Smartwatches Appear

There is a lot of talk about Google’s willingness to create a smartwatch, based on Android and with as many functionalities as possible. It does not only require a functional part of hardware, but also an operating system that supports it.

[Google I/O] The Android Wear 2.0 Free Themselves

During the opening of the Google I/O 2016, the U.S. subsidiary has unveiled an impressive update to its Android Wear. The connected Watch Google 2.0 are ready to change our relationship with the wearables. Android Wear 2.0 version refreshes the entire interface of notifications with a comprehensive review of the design and the materials and • Read More »

TAG Heuer Smartwatch Costs EUR 1,350

The Swiss brand, with known position in the segment, do not want to miss the boat and so technology has developed a watch for modern times. It’s called TAG Heuer Connected, was released this Monday in New York and promises to be a step forward in the world of the smartwatch clock. Is (of course) • Read More »

Samsung Announces the Smartwatch Clock Gear Your S2

Samsung has revealed new information about the smartwatch clock S2. The device, according to the statement sent to the press, will come with the Citizen and system can be found in two models: the Gear and Gear S2 S2 Classic. The smart clock will have round body and support for 3 g connection, which will • Read More »

Smartband and Smartwatches Released in 2015

Started tentatively, but slowly is gaining many adherents and the year 2015, was marked by several releases and arrivals in Brazil with several options of gadgets. The first to launch its products were Samsung and Sony, then Motorola and LG. these first released new versions in 2015 and some released their first products as the • Read More »

A Smartwatch Evaluates Sexual Performance

A chinesice. The expression, if you pay attention on it, until it is slightly xenophobic, but serves us to describe that product that is lower quality, always or almost always useless and produced in China (or Taiwan, or in Indonesia, whatever; places where is mass produced and at low cost). The “GME1” is a species • Read More »

Pebble Time Steel: Autonomy Never Equaled

Pebble is little by little its place in the market of the smart watch. Far from competing with Apple or Samsung sales, Pebble watches have yet not to envy them. We tested for you the Pebble Time Steel, follow us! Brand: Pebble Category : shows connected Connection : Bluetooth 4.0 Compatibility : Android and iOS • Read More »