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Breitling Relies on the Connected Watch

Interview with Breitling Vice President Jean-Paul Girardin. Breitling relies on its connected watch Exospace B55 and at the same time improves its Mechanikwerke: in Hamburg, Chronos editor-in-chief Rüdiger Bucher met the vice president of Breitling, Jean-Paul Girardin.

Pearl Smartwatch AW-414. Go: The Smartwatch Surprise Of IFA-All Info And Articles

In addition to major manufacturers such as Samsung and Qualcomm also Pearl has unveiled an own Smart watch: the AW-414. Go. She distinguishes itself above all as a result from the competition, that she has a SIM slot and can be used completely independently. Has Pearl hereby landed 2013 the surprise hit of the IFA?

Rolex Watches -the Watch That Everyone Wants to Have

“The name sounds good, is easy to maintain and is equal in all European languages pronounced.” Hans Wilsdorf in 1945 because to have recalls, how he almost 40 years previously as a young and resourceful businessman come up with a brand name settled, today internationally for luxury, quality and highest craftsmanship is: Rolex. Perhaps the • Read More »

LG Wristwatches

Although there is still some suspicion about smart watches, the truth is that this is a product with more and more followers. LG is one of the brands that bet more in this segment, having even been the first to put an Android Wear in the market.Now his latest model stands out above all for its classic design , • Read More »

Olio Smartwatch Review

Only proprietary hardware and software: It is not surprising that other companies on the wearable train want to jump with the impending release of the Apple Watch. The company Olio from San Francisco stands out but from the competition, because it has developed hardware and software completely even for his first Smartwatch for years.

Amazing Smartwatch: Samsung Gear S2

Of the Best Screens We’ve Seen on a Smartwatch If there is something like a smartwatch is a bright screen and you can easily see at any time. The Samsung S2 Gear already featured one of the best AMOLED screens on the market, but in Gear S3 this has improved, while remaining as the King • Read More »

LG Watch Urbane General Features

The world of smart watches is still in a developmental phase. After the huge boom in equipment launched last year, boosted by the launch of Android Wear, it seems the brands are more restrained and considerate of what they put on the market. Autumn is approaching and certainly other news will appear, but the truth is that there has • Read More »

Smartwatch highlights IFA 2015

Indirectly this year’s IFA fair numerous technology portals called Smartwatch. We’ve looked at 2015 highlights of the IFA and wouldn’t want to depriveyou you. Here we enter aware only on the Smartwatch highlights.

Elegant Samsung Gear S2

One of the most electronic devices that has drawn attention in recent times are the smart watches, smarwatches as they say in slang. Not only as a fashion accessory, which we use as the classic watches to match a particular style, but joining this aspect the technological factor that allows you to facilitate our everyday • Read More »

LG Android Wear

Android Wear Operating systems dedicated to smart clocks are in a phase that can be considered in development, there is still much to explore in this world. In this particular case, we have the latest updated version of Android Wear, compatible with all Android devices with versions higher than or equal to 4.3 Jelly Bean, • Read More »

Angelfish and Swordfish Smartwatches

Under the code name “Angelfish” and “Swordfish”, Google is working on two new Smartwatches. A picture to show the devices. Google wants to stimulate the Smartwatch market itself. A first message of the company work on two nexus watches, there was last week. Now, Android provides a first picture of the devices policy based on • Read More »

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatches

Tizen Well Optimized and with the Essential Soon after the synchronization of the smartphone with the Gear S3, the smartwatch clock already has some very useful apps. Some of these apps serve to change the visual aspect of the device, while others are small Widgets that can be added to this.

Review: LG Watch Urbane

Autonomy The autonomy of the Urbane Watch, supported by a 410 mAh battery is not surprising, nevertheless, it is guaranteed more than a day and a half of use. For a user who, for example, spends many hours in the office, autonomy will not be a problem. If during work hours you find that you are • Read More »

Apple Smartwatch Sales Figures

Apple’s silence on the demand by your smartwatch clock is hindering the task of analysts to measure the unit dress are having success or not The silence of Apple Inc. about the demand for your smartwatch clock is hindering the task of analysts to measure the unit dress are having success. However, even the most • Read More »

Garmin 5 Fenix Smartwatch

This Wednesday (4), Garmin has announced the launch of the Fenix 5, your newest smartwatch clock that combines satellite navigation to a fairly compact design. The unit comes as the successor to the Fenix 3, officially presented during the CES 2015 — the reason for the number 4 being left out is your association with • Read More »

Skintrack – Control The Smartwatch Through Your Skin

The smartwatches have slowly gained its space in the market, winning people for self – indulgence and features they offer. A team from the research laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University developed the SkinTrack, a system that allows you to control the smart clock through a touch interface on the user’s skin.

LG Smartwatche Battery Life

Battery should solve one of the major problems of the wrist devices The LG Chem, chemical Division of the South Korean manufacturer of electronic devices, launched earlier this week, a different kind of battery for smartwatches, in accordance with the Korean Times Web site. And instead of being a rectangular piece, the little device has • Read More »

Players Use App and Smartwatch

Imagine the following: you have to keep checking to see if there are good Pokemon in the area in which you find yourself. This is the routine of Pokémon players GO, something that ends up spending prematurely smartphone battery. Unless you have a Poké Ball, your burden won’t last long. Because of this, many users • Read More »

Sony Smartwatch 2 Reaches The Portuguese Market

The SmartWatch market is growing and the holiday season approach will certainly be a stepping stone for this device to appear on many people’s wrists. Sony released a few months ago the new version of its smart watch and this one comes now to Portugal. As a Christmas hint Sony Mobile reinforces its presence in Portugal with SmartWatch • Read More »