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Gear Live and G Watch:Surprise in the Interior

A look in Samsung’s new Smartwatch gear live and the LG G watch shows the battery with two clocks can be easily replaced. A damaged display, however, can hardly been replaced without breaking the glass. So probably means a display defect: total damage. The crafting experts at iFixit found that out as they the two • Read More »

Microsoft Smartwatch:Used to Release the Windows Clock For Summer

A Smartwatch with additional fitness and health functions from the Microsoft home is in planning. At least the group in a report by the US magazine announced this Forbes. Therefore the Microsoft Watch the Smartwatch by Samsung to resemble and Xbox one use technology of the Kinect sensor from the console.

Samsung Has the Knack

With the new Samsung gear S3, the manufacturer backs up our IFA Award for the best newcomer of the Smartwatch. The clock is a successful update of its predecessor and comes back with the unique, rotating bezel.

Pearl Smartwatch AW-414. Go: The Smartwatch Surprise Of IFA-All Info And Articles

In addition to major manufacturers such as Samsung and Qualcomm also Pearl has unveiled an own Smart watch: the AW-414. Go. She distinguishes itself above all as a result from the competition, that she has a SIM slot and can be used completely independently. Has Pearl hereby landed 2013 the surprise hit of the IFA?

Samsung Galaxy Gear to Connect to the Iphone

Samsung has released the first full-fledged Smartwatch with the Galaxy Gear. You can also connect them to the iphone. We will show you how this works and what you can expect from the combination.

Test Galaxy Gear: How Good Is Samsung’s Smartwatch the?

Is Smartwatches a real big trend? The mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony to hope to be able to establish themselves in a new field? Whether and how Smartwatches will prevail, is still hard to say. What we can say but: the Samsung Galaxy gear is an expensive gimmick that is worthwhile only • Read More »

Samsung Gear 2 vs. Pebble Comparison

Samsung has already launched the second Smartwatch with the Gear 2. Pebble, on the other hand, is a small Crowdfunding project. You can find out how the smart watches are ticking in the direct comparison.

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatches

Tizen Well Optimized and with the Essential Soon after the synchronization of the smartphone with the Gear S3, the smartwatch clock already has some very useful apps. Some of these apps serve to change the visual aspect of the device, while others are small Widgets that can be added to this.

Cheap Smartwatch

Buy cheap Smartwatch It must be not always the Apple Watch or the Samsung gear S. Today, there are Smartwatches how sand opts for manufacturers on the sea and not every Smartwatch expensive prices. Of course you can expect these manufacturers not to name such as Apple or Samsung. However, a cheap Smartwatch must be not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve looked at for you some cheap Smartwatches and would bring closer the advantages and disadvantages of cheaper cell phone watches.

Review: Samsung Smartwatch Gear Fit

Wearable devices are here to stay, and several manufacturers are already investing heavy in this segment. Samsung, current market leader with Android smartphones, released along with the Galaxy S5 the smartwatches Gear Fit and Gear 2. The idea is to offer consumers a smart watch and completely connected to the smartphone in order to make • Read More »

Smartwatch Is Not Popular

They are still far from popular–especially in Brazil. In addition to still be expensive, few people saw the need or even desire to have a smart watch. But who lives hooked up by the wrist, no longer opens more of its smartwatches. Silvio, engineer specializing in technology, won your gift smartwatch watch. Almost a year • Read More »

Samsung Launches Smartwatch Clock Gear 2

Officially, the MWC, Mobile World Congress, just opens its doors tomorrow, Monday. However, early this Sunday in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung has already shown your first release. This is the new version of your Smart Watch, the Gear 2. The new gadget comes with news on hardware, with a more robust processor and also with a • Read More »

Samsung Will Launch A Smartwatch That Dispenses The Phone

Smartwatchs are the latest trend that is reaching the world of technology. These small devices have the ability to bridge the gap between smartphones and users. But Samsung may be preparing a breakthrough in this field that will make smartwatches even more independent.Prepares to introduce and market a smartwatch with the ability to make and receive • Read More »

Renewal Samsung Gear S2

Since the international show of the IFA in Berlin, the smartwatch of South Korean giant unleashes the passions on the internet. And there is what when you see a watch also well made, both in terms of design and features. Note especially that the rotary screen of the Samsung Gear S2 has still met nowhere • Read More »

Goodbye Samsung Gear: Nissan Launched Its Smartwatch

Nissan has unveiled the Nissan Nismo, a smart and feature-rich watch Nissan has become the first automaker to create a smart watch specifically designed to think of Nissan Nismo car drivers. The Nissan Nismo watch will be the first smart watch to connect the driver to the car, giving you biometric data in real time.

Samsung Introduced Its Smartwatch, The Galaxy Gear

The great news that was expected for today at the IFA was the presentation of the new smartwatch by Samsung. After many rumors and some images have come out before its release, Samsung has revealed is its smart watch and what it has to offer everyone. The first Android Smartwatch is presented and has not • Read More »

Samsung Announces the Smartwatch Clock Gear Your S2

Samsung has revealed new information about the smartwatch clock S2. The device, according to the statement sent to the press, will come with the Citizen and system can be found in two models: the Gear and Gear S2 S2 Classic. The smart clock will have round body and support for 3 g connection, which will • Read More »

Best Connected Wearables

Throughout the year 2016, the connected devices market continued to grow and evolve. Of more and more everyday objects are connected, and the Internet of things fits surprisingly well into our everyday lives. If some devices may appear as unnecessary gadgets, others offer really revolutionary features. Discover a selection of the best connected objects 2016.

Pebble Time Steel: Autonomy Never Equaled

Pebble is little by little its place in the market of the smart watch. Far from competing with Apple or Samsung sales, Pebble watches have yet not to envy them. We tested for you the Pebble Time Steel, follow us! Brand: Pebble Category : shows connected Connection : Bluetooth 4.0 Compatibility : Android and iOS • Read More »

A Smartphone, a Smartwatch Clock And Virtual Reality

The Korean brand called this event “Unpacked”, serving as a launch pad for the IFA, Berlin technology fair. The event is so important that takes place this afternoon at the same time in Berlin, New York and Beijing — traditionally works for the release of Galaxy range Note, but this time will be more diversified. • Read More »