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Exchange Exchange – Watch Straps Nato Jumpers

It is not easy to find the bracelet right. I really like a watch-strap of leather, but also short enough straps NATO. These bracelets are world-renowned by the use of soldiers and divers. Even the owners of luxury watches become bored with the look of the watch and if you tire of wearing exactly the same every day. The • Read More »

Luxury Watches Online Shopping

You’re a fan of fine watches, or passionate about horology, the choice of a luxury watch brand is often a step very complex in front of the multiplicity of models of watches presented by each factory. Rather Rolex, the brand No. 1 in the world in the field of luxury watchmaking, rather a less known • Read More »

Plus Size Bracelet Watches

And Yes, still this goal, barely hidden behind most of our articles: how to be elegant without giving a dated image? Exercise much more difficult than it seems… Of the month is what I like to believe when I see few people arriving to join the concepts “elegant” and “young and dynamic”. Let’s take an • Read More »

Luxury Watch Buying Guide

The choice of a watch is not trivial for a man, she remains one of the only jewelry worn on a daily basis, women are of course not this task lightly, but this choice will usually complement in harmony a style already well established… Before the multitude of models proposed by the watchmakers luxury watch, • Read More »