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LG Wristwatches

Although there is still some suspicion about smart watches, the truth is that this is a product with more and more followers. LG is one of the brands that bet more in this segment, having even been the first to put an Android Wear in the market.Now his latest model stands out above all for its classic design , • Read More »

LG Watch Urbane General Features

The world of smart watches is still in a developmental phase. After the huge boom in equipment launched last year, boosted by the launch of Android Wear, it seems the brands are more restrained and considerate of what they put on the market. Autumn is approaching and certainly other news will appear, but the truth is that there has • Read More »

LG Android Wear

Android Wear Operating systems dedicated to smart clocks are in a phase that can be considered in development, there is still much to explore in this world. In this particular case, we have the latest updated version of Android Wear, compatible with all Android devices with versions higher than or equal to 4.3 Jelly Bean, • Read More »

LG Smartwatche Battery Life

Battery should solve one of the major problems of the wrist devices The LG Chem, chemical Division of the South Korean manufacturer of electronic devices, launched earlier this week, a different kind of battery for smartwatches, in accordance with the Korean Times Web site. And instead of being a rectangular piece, the little device has • Read More »

Smartwatch Is Not Popular

They are still far from popular–especially in Brazil. In addition to still be expensive, few people saw the need or even desire to have a smart watch. But who lives hooked up by the wrist, no longer opens more of its smartwatches. Silvio, engineer specializing in technology, won your gift smartwatch watch. Almost a year • Read More »

LG Suspends Your Sale Urbane Smartwatch Clock

LG reported that the second generation of the smartwatch clock, Watch your Urbane LTE 2, will have sales cancelled by presenting a “quality problem”. According to the official announcement of the American AT&T operator, the South Korean company said that the arrival of the device to the market will be delayed indefinitely.

TAG Heuer Prepares Smartwatch in Partnership with Google and Intel

With this decision, the famous Swiss brand that will integrate to your product Google Inc. and Intel Corp., had become the largest luxury watch brand in the country. In addition to this brand, the company will also make front to Apple Inc. in the production of watches with new electronic functions. According to Jean-Claude Biver, • Read More »

The Apple Watch 2 Will Not Charge

Apple continues to innovate with its main connected object: the Apple Watch. This 1St April, the American brand has let slip information that many have been hard to believe: their next smartwatch will be twice higher than the previous… but don’t have battery no charge port. Apple Watch 2: An Optimized Battery… The info just • Read More »

Google Builds on Two Android Wear Smartwatches with Google Assistant

Technology giant Google is slowly but surely becoming the hardware manufacturer that is current in the conversation that the search engine wants to bring two Smartwatches with Android Wear on the market. While the one it to be bigger and loaded with more features such as GPS, a LTE module, or a heart rate sensor, • Read More »