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Watch Attiny85 Minimalist Using 12 LED-Based

TINY WATCH TIME Here is my design for a clock based on minimalist ATtiny 85 using 12 LEDs, arranged as a clock dial, to display the analog time style: The clock of time based ATtiny85; It is four and five. To display the time of pressing the button on the face of the watch, and then • Read More »

Smarty Ring:Smartwatch For the Finger Comes

The Smarty ring is a mini Smartwatch for fingers. A small LED on the ring can remotely control your phone and be advised of messages or calls. The Smarty ring is a Crowdfunding platform Project that is in life. It was smart ring, whose Erfinder wanted to collect $ 40,000 to finance long. Meanwhile • Read More »

Questions and Answers about Watches

Men’s watches and women’s watches, are objects which are very often considered as objects of value. With designs very worked, and offered at prices often very high, the watches are objects that are not only functional and indispensable, but also sentimental objects (wedding gift, object of pride,…) to which it attaches quickly. Choose his watch, • Read More »

Luxury Watch Buying Guide

The choice of a watch is not trivial for a man, she remains one of the only jewelry worn on a daily basis, women are of course not this task lightly, but this choice will usually complement in harmony a style already well established… Before the multitude of models proposed by the watchmakers luxury watch, • Read More »