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Breitling: Navitimer 01 Dc-3 World Tour

Limited Aviator Chronograph On World Trip The Breitling. And if you hear Breitling, you think not only automatically to the clock icon, but also to the flies. The brand is not only an aviation company, the company itself has its own aerobatic flight deck, organizes airshows, and has such legendary aircraft as a Lockheed Super Constellation from 1955 • Read More »

The Watches In The Men’s Locker Room

A size accessory: the watch, in the men’s locker room. We told you enough details in men’s fashion these days. But not enough of an accessory too often forgotten: the watch. Then choose what type of watch? I’ll tell you that in addition to being a matter of taste, it’s a matter of budget. A • Read More »

Plus Size Bracelet Watches

And Yes, still this goal, barely hidden behind most of our articles: how to be elegant without giving a dated image? Exercise much more difficult than it seems… Of the month is what I like to believe when I see few people arriving to join the concepts “elegant” and “young and dynamic”. Let’s take an • Read More »