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Pebble Time: Better than Apple Watch

Conclusion: Crowdfunding Pro Pebble presses with the model Pebble time after front and overtakes even the small Apple Watch. The clock is running Android and iOS compatible and has now an ultra long-lasting E-ink color display.

Deaf Blind Teenager Makes the Smartwatch Test

The 20-year old British woman Molly Watts gives us the possibility of the Apple Watch quite different to experience – because Molly is suffering from the usher syndrome and can therefore hardly see and hear.

Smartwatch: Save battery – 5 Smart Tips

With the current Smartwatches, the weak battery is the most vulnerable. With these battery saving tips, you can still significantly extend the runtime. Even if you take only some of the factors into account, you notice a significant increase in maturity.

Apple Smartwatch Sales Figures

Apple’s silence on the demand by your smartwatch clock is hindering the task of analysts to measure the unit dress are having success or not The silence of Apple Inc. about the demand for your smartwatch clock is hindering the task of analysts to measure the unit dress are having success. However, even the most • Read More »

Smartwatch Is Not Popular

They are still far from popular–especially in Brazil. In addition to still be expensive, few people saw the need or even desire to have a smart watch. But who lives hooked up by the wrist, no longer opens more of its smartwatches. Silvio, engineer specializing in technology, won your gift smartwatch watch. Almost a year • Read More »

The Swatch Boss Denigrates the Apple Watch

Apple Watch does not please everyone, and especially Nick Hayek. The Swatch boss took no gloves including calling the watch of the giant of ‘ toy interesting, but not a revolution. ” The Swiss brand embarked on the production of smart watches, if not tomorrow the day before that a series ” computers for the • Read More »

Renewal Samsung Gear S2

Since the international show of the IFA in Berlin, the smartwatch of South Korean giant unleashes the passions on the internet. And there is what when you see a watch also well made, both in terms of design and features. Note especially that the rotary screen of the Samsung Gear S2 has still met nowhere • Read More »

Pebble Time Steel: Autonomy Never Equaled

Pebble is little by little its place in the market of the smart watch. Far from competing with Apple or Samsung sales, Pebble watches have yet not to envy them. We tested for you the Pebble Time Steel, follow us! Brand: Pebble Category : shows connected Connection : Bluetooth 4.0 Compatibility : Android and iOS • Read More »

Apple Watch Online Shopping

The suspense is over, the smartwatch of Apple is finally here. A watch designed but must stand out from the competition through its ecosystem if it wants to market this very taken… and so attracting developers like the iPhone has done. The plethora of tools and features at their disposal be enough to counter an • Read More »

Apple Watch Reviews

Apple Watch Its launch was in 2014, but had a new version of the operating system released this year and was also the year of your arrival in Brazil. Sync with iPhone, you can view notifications of a number of applications such as messaging, calendar, email, Twitter, Instagram and to answer calls. A success in • Read More »

The World of Watchmaking

In line with the letter that Steve Jobs had appeared in the press in 1981 and in which he wished welcome to IBM in the PC, Cindy Livingston market, the patron saint of Guess sent a missive to Tim Cook to welcome him “in the world of watchmaking”. A letter full of irony but fairplay • Read More »

Review: Smartwatch Apple Watch

Apple is not the first company to launch a smart clock on the market. However, even competitors are unanimous in stating that the entry of the company in the segment is a blunt way to consolidate the new market. Little more than a month after the launch in the United States your, more Apple Watch • Read More »

The Apple Watch 2 Will Not Charge

Apple continues to innovate with its main connected object: the Apple Watch. This 1St April, the American brand has let slip information that many have been hard to believe: their next smartwatch will be twice higher than the previous… but don’t have battery no charge port. Apple Watch 2: An Optimized Battery… The info just • Read More »

A1 Smartwatch and No. 1 D3 Compared

The A1 Smartwatch and the No. Two Smartwatches, which are visually similar and barely differ also in the price are 1 D3. Therefore we want to take a slightly closer look and present similarities and differences of the two wrist watches. A1 Smartwatch The A1 Smartwatch allows the use of GSM networks with 850, 900, • Read More »

Iradish Y6: Cheap Smartwatch into the Design of the Apple Watch

Why reinvent the wheel twice. Whom the design of Apple Watch says to, but an Android Smartphone used, who has access to the competition from the far East. The Iradish Y6 looks like Apple confusingly similar – but a fraction and runs on Android smartphones. Special features on board Technically the Iradish Y6 perhaps not • Read More »