TAG Heuer Smartwatch Costs EUR 1,350

The Swiss brand, with known position in the segment, do not want to miss the boat and so technology has developed a watch for modern times. It’s called TAG Heuer Connected, was released this Monday in New York and promises to be a step forward in the world of the smartwatch clock. Is (of course) a luxury item which costs 1350 euros, and that seems to make a difference in the face of most of the competition: it resembles a normal clock really, although incorporating the technology of a smartwatch clock.

Is significantly more expensive than the overwhelming majority of the models for sale on the market. Using the Apple Watch as comparison, this new TAG is more expensive than the version of Apple’s entry (about 500 euros) but still a lot cheaper than the models in gold, whose price exceeds EUR 15000. According to the Quartz, the Watch has all the sensors and all fitness monitoring functions that one can expect in a smartphone. The watch is compatible with any device to run Android or iOS 4.3 OS 8.2 (or higher).

These new TAG Heuer Connected are designed to mimic the dials more iconic Swiss watch brand. Behind, however, lies a smartwatch clock with a battery that lasts about 40 hours, which binds to smartphones via bluetooth and it has 4 GB of internal memory.

The TAG explains the publication, will try to differentiate itself in the market by creating a watch that doesn’t look like “a mini-computer in the wrist”, but that has the same functionality of the other technological devices for sale on the market. And the company still intends to, according to Bloomberg, replicate your unique style to the LED watch, incorporating applications specifically planned for the luxury market. One of them, they add, should be an application that allows monitoring the golf of users in real time.