TAG Heuer Provides Even More Smart Luxury on the Wrist

The Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer, known for his luxury watches, is one of the few of his guilds, which has also devoted itself to the product sector of the Smartwatches. Just over a year ago, a first intelligent watch of the traditional company appeared on the market. The lightest titanium was used as material. In August of this year, TAG Heuer had promised another, even more luxurious model – and this is now immediately and thus punctually before the Christmas business. This new variant can have a housing made of rose gold, but is not technically different from the first TAG Heuer Smartwatches. She plays the price in a different league: with 9,300 Euros she costs almost seven times the intelligent watches made of titanium.

As TAG Heuer explains, this new Smartwatch has come into being because in addition to the very modern Titan models, a classic variant was also considered necessary. The 18K Rosé Gold is the material with which the traditional company from the watchmaking industry La Chaux-de-Fonds meets this project. According to this, the new TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch still exudes a touch of elegance, but can offer the same technical features as the 2015 models launched on the market.


Typical for smart luxury watches is that they are not at first glance distinguishable from a conventional timepiece. This also applies to the TAG Heuer Connected to watch in rosé gold. Despite the digital display with a diameter of 46 millimeters and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, the dials are designed to appear very classic. Inside the clock, which was developed in cooperation with the chip manufacturer Intel, works a dual-core processor with 1.6 GHz. Power is also the battery with 410 mAh, which supplies the clock with it throughout the day with energy. Also worth mentioning are the memory of one gigabyte as well as the internal memory space with four gigabytes. According to the standard IP67 certified, the tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch dust and a few splash of water can do nothing. As a second cooperation partner, the Swiss Google brought in the boat, whose operating system Android Wear is installed on the luxurious timepiece.

TAG Heuer provides all his watches with a two-year warranty. If this has expired during the Smartwatch, it is possible to exchange the intelligent timepiece with a Swiss timepiece for a mechanical timepiece. This is possible in the TAG Heuer Stores, where you can also buy the now available Rosé Gold variant.