Switzerland Destinations


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the most popular travel destination. Short for SUI by abbreviationfinder, Switzerland is a country located in western Europe according to countryaah.

Zurich – the largest city in Switzerland

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is located quite close to the German border in the northern part of the country. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Zurich is not the capital, but the country’s administrative center is the much smaller city of Bern. For tourists, Zurich in particular offers excellent shopping opportunities, good restaurants, bars and cafes, parks and beautiful architecture. Zurich is home to Switzerland’s most important museums, and the city’s Bahnhofstrasse shopping street is world-famous.


The city’s home lake, Lake Zurich, offers great beach scenery and recreation areas right next to the city center in summer. It is easy to go to the beach to spend the day with a snack or sit in the terrace restaurant. Zurich’s Home Mountain Uetliber, on the other hand, is a high-quality leisure destination. This small mountain does not compare to the heights of the Alps, but its 869 meters still offer beautiful views of the surroundings of Zurich. Fireworks fired at Uetliberg on Swiss National Day 1.8. are worth seeing.

Geneva International

Geneva International is located in the western part of Switzerland near the French border on the shores of Lake Geneva. Geneva’s strengths include excellent shopping, top-class restaurants and a lively cultural offer. Geneva is home to the offices of many international organizations and hosts many trade fairs, congresses and other events.

Geneva is a reasonably small town, so a holiday in one of the small towns and villages around Lake Geneva is also worth a holiday here, as you can get a feel for the real atmosphere of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The scenery is incredibly beautiful and in good weather you can even see the summit of Mont Blanc.

The best getaway for a car holidaymaker in the Geneva region is to tour the entire lake, exploring interesting seaside villages and towns.

Basel is on the corner of three countries

The city of Basel is located at the corner of three countries at the confluence of Germany, France and Switzerland. The River Rhine flows through the city and there are plenty of pleasant outdoor activities along it. Basel’s attractions include the superbly preserved old town with its cathedrals, the pedestrian streets of the city center, numerous museums and fine parks. Perhaps the most interesting of the Basel museums is the Tinguely Museum, which showcases the work of Jean Tinguely, who did his fascinating life work on scrap art.

From Basel, it is also easy to make excursions to neighboring countries. The wine regions of Alsace in France start right on the corner of the city and the wine regions of Baden adorn the German side of the Rhine. Both sides of the river produce excellent wines for tasting and taking home.

Basel, like Zurich and Geneva, is a very international city. The headquarters of many giants in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are concentrated in Basel and employ a large number of international experts.

The small towns are the most authentic in Switzerland

You can’t say you know Switzerland without visiting its authentic mountain villages. Each mountain and valley has its own personality, its own history and its own traditions. Explore, for example, Haslital’s sympathetic Meiringen, which sustains the story of Sherlock Holmes, or visit Dornach near Basel, where the founder of the Steiner movement has built the amazing Goethenaum Center.

Particularly distinctive are the completely car-free mountain villages, which can only be reached by tourists by train. Did you know that the well-known ski resort of Zermatt is one of these? Great scenery is also provided by Mürren and Wengen, where you can ski in winter and enjoy the fresh alpine air in summer by hiking.

World class ski resorts

There are several top-class ski resorts in Switzerland. The best known are St. Moritz, Verbier, Zermatt, Engelberg and Davos. There are slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

The spring sun on the shimmering white slopes of the Alps and good after-skiing are a must for many winter holidays. The ski resorts also feature many celebrities – compared to neighboring destinations, Switzerland is clearly profiled as a choice for quality-conscious skiers.

In addition to alpine sports and skiing, you can also enjoy a wide range of other activities at the numerous ski resorts in Switzerland. Ski resorts also offer activities during the summer, and hiking and mountain biking, for example, are popular pastimes.

The nature of the Alps shines even in summer

Switzerland is often seen only as a destination for the winter season, but this belief is completely useless. The summer in the Alps is beautiful and sunny – there is plenty to do even if there is no snow. The country is cruised by a dense network of hiking trails, which is very well marked and covers multi-level routes from mountain hikes to easy level trails.


In the landscapes of Mont Dolent, there will be no shortage of fresh alpine air.


The most amazing Alpine destinations

  1. Zermatt
  2. Jungfrau
  3. Engelberg
  4. Verbier
  5. Grindelwald
  6. Gstaad
  7. Davos
  8. Moritz

The most interesting cities

  1. Basel
  2. Lucerne
  3. Bern
  4. Zurich
  5. Lausanne
  6. Geneva
  7. Lugano

The most spectacular UNESCO sites

  1. Bernina railway
  2. Aletsch Glacier
  3. Lavaux wine region
  4. Bern’s Old Town
  5. Bellinzona Castles

The finest vantage points in the Alps

  1. Jungfraujoch
  2. Schilthorn
  3. Rochers-de-Naye
  4. The pinnacle of the title
  5. Pilate