Swiss Watchmaker Frederique Constant Announces Further smartwatches with a Traditional Design

The Swiss watchmaking industry has often been criticized for failing to follow the “smartwatch trend”. This may well be true, but on the other hand many traditional watchmakers do not feel compelled to develop further, since their business still works very well. The luxury watches of the Swiss are not in direct competition with the Smartwatches, they are still a class of their own.

Peter Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, says: “We know from research and from hundreds of years of work that the design is the main reason for people to buy one of these watches. They simply want a nice product on the wrist. “This also typically means that a digital display is not needed, Stas explained.


Nevertheless, the company has now announced that another Frederique Constant watch  series in early November will come out. There will be nine new different designs, five for women, four for men. At the same time, the new Smartwatches will not be in contradiction with Stas’ statements: the classic and traditional design of the watches will be preserved – there will be no digital dispaly again. As with the first generation, a new module from the Swiss manufacturer Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) will provide the smart functions.

With the classic and smart watches it should then be possible to trace all its activities as well as the sleep. With the new modules, carriers can also be informed of incoming calls and messages, even without a digital display, for example by vibrations or by a specific analog display. The price range of the new watches will be between 595 and 995 dollars. Nothing is known about the design yet.