Smarty Ring:Smartwatch For the Finger Comes

The Smarty ring is a mini Smartwatch for fingers. A small LED on the ring can remotely control your phone and be advised of messages or calls.
The Smarty ring is a Crowdfunding platform Project that is in life. It was smart ring, whose Erfinder wanted to collect $ 40,000 to finance long. Meanwhile the campaign expired and the ring is actually financed. In total, over 300,000 U.S. dollars were collected.

Smarty ring with Bluetooth and LED

Just like a Smartwatch also the smart ring via Bluetooth will contact the owner’s mobile phone. You will be pointed out on the small LED of the ring then incoming messages, calls and updates on social networks. An enhanced version of the ring is to permit even remote access to features such as the music player and camera.
The ring will work with Android and iOS. Prices range depending on the model between 70 and 275 US dollars. According to the website, first 2,000 rings are available, more than half has already been sold. The rings will be delivered already in April 2014.