Smartwatches in Comparison: Q2 and Ulefone-GW01

Two Smartwatches in the offer, the Q2, and the Ulefone-GW01 are currently in the online mail order Gearbest. To make a purchasing decision easier for you, we want to compare the two clever wrist watches.

The two Smartwatches are visually similar, are currently at Gearbest offer quite. Still, they speak may be different buyer groups. In any case, both the Q2 Smartwatch and the Ulefone GW01 offer a rundest watch case, which is why they are potentially interesting for fans of this form.

Q2 Smartwatch

Let’s start with the Q2 Smartwatch, who not for the first time introducing. The round display measures 1.28 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Powered the Smartwatch by a Mediatek MTK2502 processor and is therefore also with newer IOS and Android– compatible smartphones. One can speak up about a built-in micro voice commands, which then run on the Smartphone are similar to Apple’s Siri function.

According to the manufacturer, the Q2 Smartwatch uses a battery with 280 mAh, which is fully charged within two hours and standby time up to seven days to reach. On the back is also a heart rate monitor and buyers can acquire the Smartwatch in three colors: black, gold or silver.

At Gearbest is the Q2 currently for almost 62 euros offered.

Ulefone-GW01 Smartwatch

In contrast, Gearbest currently offers the GW01 from Ulefone for just under 50 euros in the Flash sale. Also this clever watch is available in three colors: black, gold, and silver. She seems slightly narrower and less bullish than the Q2.

Otherwise, you can also choose a heart rate monitor from the GW01 to wear and the ability to recharge the Smartwatch in relatively short time. Since the model processor is powered by Ulefone by a Mediatek MTK2502, you must not worry about feature differences, which do not exist as well.

Instead, you must enter on the classier-looking bracelets, can exhibit a Croc and thus significantly fashionable are the accessory as the Q2.