Smart Wristband “Classi” Makes a Regular Watch A Smart Watch

Surveys prove again and again that buyers are very important to the design of a Smartwatch – in part even more important than the functions of the smart gadget. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the watch has not only been a practical timepiece, but has always been an accessory. This has not changed to this day. Thus, it is not surprising that potential buyers of a Smartwatch occasionally feel quenched by a less handsome or chunky design. It must be fair to say that the manufacturers are also aware of this and are therefore looking more closely at a traditional and classic design. The latest example of this is the Asus ZenWatch 3, which is not immediately seen as a Smartwatch.

However, MainTool, a company based in Paris and Madrid, chose the opposite approach: the developers do not want to “force” the Smartwatch on the classic look, but make a conventional watch smart. The smart leather bracelet “Classi”, which can be easily attached to any ordinary watch, is to help. The design problem does not seem to exist any more – for example, the noble favorite clock can also come as a smart gadget. But can Classi really keep up with the functions of a Smartwatch?


Since August, there has been an Indiegogo campaign to Classi. So far over 11,000 dollars have been collected by crowdfunding, the financing goal is even slightly exceeded. According to the manufacturer, the smart bracelet is capable of tracking the activity of the user, informing them of vibrations of incoming notifications, or even navigating them. In addition, you can reject Classi calls on your smartphone directly on the wrist, which could prove useful in a meeting, for example. An SOS function is also integrated. The bracelet is compatible with both Android and iOS. MainTool gives the battery time up to 7 days, which can be quite impressive. The bracelet is waterproof according to IP64 certification.

The functions of Classi are, of course, not as comprehensive as those of a “real” Smartwatch. But if you do not want to separate from your favorite watch, but still do not want to do without smart features, Classi should look more closely. Although there are no details yet, the company expects the release in April 2017. According to the Indiegogo campaign, it is conceivable that you can purchase Classi in the foreseeable for around 90 euros.