Smart Glasses “Level” Enlivens Wearable Technology

The American manufacturer of vision aids, VSP Global, is currently working with the University of Southern California (USC) and its Center for Body Computing. Together, you can work on a smart pair of glasses, which might be able to mix the market for wearable technology. So you can easily forget fitness bracelets and watches at home because you do not wear them permanently. However, if you are dependent on a pair of glasses, it will be the first thing you have to do in the morning. The smart glasses with the codename level should then benefit from this.


Google already collected with the Augmented Reality Glasses Google Glass experiences with smart eyeglasses. Later the project was struck despite the initially immense marketing rumors. In addition to technical hurdles, numerous controversies about the video recording capabilities of the glasses should have been the cause. So Google Glass was in the test phase neither in cinemas nor cafes liked to see. VSP Globals Level goes a completely different way here, because the glasses is primarily used as a fitness tracker. Thus, the levels tend to become a competition for, for example, Bracelets from Fitbit, Garmin and Co.

VSP Global had previously also cooperated with Google to subsidize spectacle frames and glasses with eyeglasses for Google Glass via the US health insurance funds. We already reported on the smart glasses level, but now we have a video on the promising wearable.

The test of some prototypes of the levels is scheduled to start at the end of 2016. Study results for this test are scheduled for 2017. Then VSP Global is likely to review the feedback of the subjects. Until the smart glasses level so then as wearable for everyone on the market comes, some time would pass. If one goes after what has been seen so far, there is reason to anticipate a very refined piece Wearable Technology.