Samsung Presents ItsyWatch as a Modern Tamagotchi Watch

The Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung is a global leader in digital technologies. In order to bring new products to life, the company launched its so-called C-Lab around four years ago. Behind it lies a kind of playfield for the employees, who can implement their own business ideas. Since this year, Samsung has been presenting some of these projects from time to time – most recently at the IFA, a number of these innovations were shown. The company from Seoul has recently shown six other products from the C-Lab. Among them is the ItsyWatch, where a children’s Smartwatch has been designed, which is like a modern Tamagotchi with additional features.

Most manufacturers of children’s Smartwatches focus on safety in their models. Accordingly, the wearables usually come with a GPS sensor. This allows parents to easily track from home where their offspring are located or locate them when they are worried. The smartwatches can also be used to make calls via the wristwatch with adults thanks to a SIM card slot.


Samsung is not following this trend with ItsyWatch. The focus here is more on the education of the small ones. They are supposed to acquire important habits such as regular brushing or eating. They are also reminded when the next training session in the sports club or the next lesson is scheduled for the next lesson. The tots are thus raised to more independence. In order to make the children really enjoy this method of education, they will find comic figures on the ItsyWatch, from which they receive positive feedback for completed tasks. To a kind of modern Tamagotchi clock these children Smartwatch is because the sprouts here also have to take care of a digital pet.

The factor of communication is also not too short. Via an installed app the tots have the possibility to send their parents or friends a voice message. This device also contains the basics of a fitness tracker typical of a Smartwatch. Here, the activities are summarized as the steps taken so that the parents get an overview of the well-being and the sportiness of their offspring. From a technical point of view, the ItsyWatch of the Samsung Gear S2 is very similar – with the difference that the in-house Tizen OS is not installed, but an operating system specially for these children Smartwatch.

In addition to the ItsyWatch, Samsung presented five other innovations during this presentation. These include, among others, the FITT360 a 360-degree camcorder or helmet Ahead, which makes it easier for cyclists, motorcyclists and winter sports enthusiasts to conduct phone conversations or listen to music during their activities.

Whether these projects of the C-Lab are really implemented, is still open. In the case of ItsyWatch, however, it is quite conceivable. Samsung would also position itself in the market of smartwatches for children. The South Koreans have not yet devoted themselves to this area, but have merely created fitness tracker and smartwatches. With the Samsung Gear S3 this month appears the hotly awaited and at the IFA presented new intelligent clock of the company.