Samsung Gear S3: Speedometer App Allows Speed Measurement in Real-Time

Samsung’s new Smartwatch flagship – the Gear S3 – currently enjoys an unexpectedly great popularity. Even the Korean company itself probably did not expect it; Some pretenders are still waiting for their copy. Samsung, of course, is not only satisfied with an excellent Smartwatch, but also the software offer must be appealing to customers:

The “Speedometer for Gear” application, which is supposed to be able to measure the speed of the wearer of a Gear S3 in real time, has been published today – many users have wanted exactly that. Who has not always wanted to know how fast you are in running?


The new app makes it possible now and may also be motivated in the training. Even in a sprint duel with friends, it can be determined, for example, who has run the higher top speed. The speed data are stored over a longer period of time and visualized with the help of a graph. In addition, the average speed can also be analyzed. In addition, the app shows the distance traveled and the elapsed time. Unlike the pictures above, the app can specify the speed not only in miles per hour, but also in kilometers per hour.

In this case, the speed measurement is implemented by means of the GPS sensor integrated in the Gear S3. A software update, which was added last week, allows support between GPS and the new app.