Samsung Gear S2 Is Approaching the Successor with Update

Even when the Samsung Gear S3 was presented as the latest smartwatch of the South Korean electronics giant, users of the Gear S2 were also pleased. At that time it was said that the model from the previous year continues to find support and a comprehensive update. And indeed Samsung has kept word and is currently providing an update for the Smartwatch released more than a year ago. As a result, the capabilities of the Samsung Gear S2 are significantly widened, bringing them closer to their successor, the Gear S3. Responsible for this is the so-called “Value Pack”, which is 133 megabytes in size and, in addition to new dials, also extends the operation of the bezel as well as the S Health App and has a whole bundle of games in the luggage.


In terms of the bezel, it is now possible with the Samsung Gear S2 to accept calls by turning clockwise – they are rejected when moved in the other direction. The same also applies to alarms and stored memories. Samsung also donated to the predecessor model the Watchfaces also available on the Gear S3. With the difference that they are not shown in Always-On mode, only when the display is activated.

An improvement is also shown when it comes to answering messages arriving on the wrist. It is now possible to input letters without having to wait for the Gear S2 to record each one of them. All in all, the Smartwatch works faster in this area, but the users will hardly benefit from this because English, Korean and Chinese are available as supported languages. However, this improvement also applies to Emojis. The voice control S Voice has been improved over the last few years: Inputs are now noticeably faster and more uncomplicated.

More sporty, the Samsung Smartwatch is also refreshed by the Fitness App S Health. The application automatically determines which activity the user is currently doing and can, for example, differentiate between cycling, jogging or training on the Crosstrainer. In addition, the Gear S2 also includes repetitions during the workout and also recognizes the intervening pauses independently. A digital coach takes care of the correct exercise and encourages performance enhancements.

Quick help is also on board, thanks to the immediately available SOS function. Pressing the Home button three times will send a message to a maximum of three contacts indicating that the carrier of the Gear S2 is in a dangerous situation and provides the corresponding location data. The owners of this Smartwatch can now count on an Alti barometer as well, which means that the air pressure is measured and outdoor activities are tracked.

The update is rounded off by the support of widgets, by third parties and also on the in-house widgets Samsung has filed and provided these with more information. To make it not boring, more than 100 different games are available in the Galaxy App Store. The update for the Samsung Gear S2 should be provided in the coming days.