Rolex Watches -the Watch That Everyone Wants to Have

“The name sounds good, is easy to maintain and is equal in all European languages pronounced.” Hans Wilsdorf in 1945 because to have recalls, how he almost 40 years previously as a young and resourceful businessman come up with a brand name settled, today internationally for luxury, quality and highest craftsmanship is: Rolex. Perhaps the most legendary of all watch brands at all is a synonym for fine watches.

Rolex watches

Hardly a man who has dreamed of a not Rolex watch be worn on the wrist. The flip side of this legendary reputation is that Rolex is the most fake watch brand in the world today.

All with the pioneering spirit of the 24 year-old Wilsdorf from the Bavaria Kulmbach began, began to 1905 so that imported London watches for sale. Because it was usual that watches with the name of the seller were known, Wilsdorf came up with the idea named Rolex. The sales flourished until in the first world war the import tax so sharply appreciated, that no profit was to make more.

The company was Rolex, the first watch brand, whose name was on the dial, to Biel in Switzerland, later transferred to Geneva. The movements be shopped, but the ideas are their own. Hans Wilsdorf dreams that men, a still reckless abandon thought, should increasingly wear wristwatches. Already in 1910, a Rolex received the world’s first official chronometer certificate for wrist watches.

in 1914 the Kew Observatory gives a Rolex wristwatch the precision certificate of class A. 1926 Rolex latest rises in Mount Olympus which Haute Horlogerie and introduces the first water – and dustproof wristwatch of the world. Since then the name oyster is connected inextricably with the brand Rolex. Since 1927, the English swimmer Mercedes Gleitze dares the crossing of the English channel. She had to give up after ten hours of exhausted, but her Rolex had passed the impressive test. The story of the watch went around the world. Four years later Rolex can be patented the first automatic winding mechanism in the Perpetual movement .

Until today, this invention is the heart of any modern mechanical watch with automatic movement. The next innovation is not long in coming: in 1945 the first wrist chronometer automatic movement, which displays the date in a window on the dial, will be presented with the Datejust. Until 1947, Rolex sold 100,000 chronometer. From the 1950s, Rolex then developed watches for any extreme situation as a tool for deep sea diver, military pilots or mountaineers.

Rolex watches – collections for men

Rolex is the strongest-selling manufacturer of luxury watches. The timid model policies, almost all current models there are already in a very similar form on the market for decades, arrives at the customer. At Rolex, changes happen more slowly and are almost exclusively of a technical nature. Straight once 125 Mr. models lists on the official website of the watch manufacturer. The best example of how the identity of a watch over many years-preserved remains the oyster collection is.

Rolex Oyster

Since the launch of the first oyster, this sporty yet elegant watch is the measure of all things. The body of the oyster are milled from a solid block of stainless steel and are fitted with screwed Caseback and Crown screwed. The sonorous name is used also for the famous link bracelet, the Oyster Bracelet. Series include the Datejust I and II as well as day-date I and II spelled out day of the week on the dial of the Oyster collection .

Rolex Oyster professional

For well over half a century, dive the Oyster professional watches with their owners in the depths of the oceans, climb the highest mountains, and serve the smartest minds. The 1963 introduced Cosmograph Daytona was designed for the demands of racers. Speeds of up to 400 miles can be measured with the tachymeter bezel. The Rolex deepsea is waterproof up to the incredible depth of 3900 meters. A tribute to the first ascent of Mount Everest is the Explorer 1953 joined provided the research team with Rolex watches, the Explorer II is also equipped with 24-hour hand.

Presented the 1955 GMT-Master II allows even the second reading by three time zones at the same time and was once made for pilot. The Milgauss removes the contradiction between precise time measurement and magnetic fields, as they are often needed in science. To withstand up to 1000 Gauß. The Submariner date model is a reliable companion for lovers of the underwater world. Presented the 1953 Submariner was the first wristwatch, which was water resistant to 100 meters. Today she can even, whether with or without date, until 300 meters are taken.

The Yacht-Master is suitable with its small, not disturbing case for sailing athletes that larger Yacht-Master II has a world first: A programmable countdown with mechanical memory.

Rolex sky dweller

Just 14 patents have been registered before the Sky Dweller 2012 on the market. World travelers can read two time zones, as well as a yearly calendar, showing the course of the months.

Rolex Cellini

Since the late of 1960s, there’s the Cellini series in the other model series such as the Midas have risen. It is a homage to Benvenuto Cellini, sculptor and Goldsmith of the Popes. The new edition of the Prince is one of the classic, elegant Cellini collection, already produced from 1928 until the late of 1940s. The doctor’s watch was famous during its first edition for high precision with a large separate second hand on the rectangular dial.

People rely on Rolex

Rolex of official timekeeper of the Wimbledon Tennis tournament is over 30 years. But around 100 years, great personalities wearing watches made by Rolex. Including

  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. Martin Luther King
  4. Andy Warhol

In addition, Rolex active in sports sponsorship, supports its own racing series in the United States. The current brand ambassadors include Roger Federer, and Carlo Janka.


Rolex is one of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, 1960 died childless founder lifetime had set up. The Foundation annually awards a prestigious prize to people who themselves have rendered to the philanthropy or to researchers and scientists. Rolex maintains one of the largest dealer networks of manufacturers of high-quality watches worldwide, which guarantees a comprehensive customer service. Hardly a watchmaker has appeared so much literature and there are so many privately maintained, partly very elaborate and extensive Internet pages. Happy owner of Rolex watches can learn a lot about the company and the smart watch click areacodesexplorer.