Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

North America

Picturesque landscapes and high mountains

The Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the north of the US state of Colorado. The closest town to Rocky Mountain National Park is Boulder. The city of Denver is about a two hour drive away. The protected area was established in 1915. The size of the Rocky Mountain National Park is 1,078 km². More than 30% of the protected area is above the tree line.

Picturesque, green valley in front of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

The determining element in the national park, in addition to the Rocky Mountains, is the Colorado River and a beautiful, varied landscape. Every year, up to 4.6 million visitors come to the scenically uniquely beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

According to Act-test-centers, the national park is in Eldorado for mountaineers and hikers. There are countless, easier and really difficult routes offered for mountaineers and hikers. The network of hiking trails in the protected area is relatively well developed. You can also hire a mountain guide or take part in guided hikes by park rangers. The nature, the flora and fauna in the National Park has been largely spared from human intervention.

Animals and plants in the national park

The wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park is extraordinarily diverse. In the national park you can find moose, bears, bighorn sheep, coyotes, the puma, beaver and ptarmigan, as well as numerous species of birds of prey, to name just a few species. Due to the different vegetation zones, the flora in the protected area can be regarded as diverse and lush.

Mountain panorama in Rocky Mountain National Park

A wide range of leisure activities

In addition to hiking and mountaineering, the most popular leisure activities in the national park are cycling, mountain biking, angling and horseback riding and nature observation, mostly birdlife. There are numerous lakes in the park area, some of them in the high mountain area. The water-rich reserve is richly blessed with waterfalls. In winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are available in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Sports shops, mountaineering schools and horse rental companies have settled just outside the national park. The visitor will also find higher-quality overnight accommodations there. Rocky Mountain National Park can be visited all year round. Higher areas of the national park, on the other hand, are mostly closed from November to May due to the amount of snow.

Mountain landscape in Rocky Mountain National Park before a thunderstorm

Eldorado for hikers and mountaineers

Since there are usually no extreme climatic and weather conditions in the national park, except in the high mountain range, the national park is a popular destination for numerous leisure activities and outdoor fanatics. Throughout Rocky Mountain National Park, more than 100 mountain peaks tower over 10,000 feet into the sky. At 4,345 meters, Longs Peak is the highest mountain in the reserve.

Camping in the national park

In the hinterland of the national park there are over 200 backcountry camping options, i.e. pitches for tents without any comfort. There are better places to stay outside, but quite close to the national park. The few good roads in Rocky Mountain National Park are considered to be passable.


  • Moraine Park
  • Glacier Basin
  • Aspenglen
  • Long Peak
  • Timber Creek

Visitor centers

  • Alpine Visitor Center
  • Beaver Meadows Visitor Center
  • Fall River Visitor Center
  • Kawuneeche Visitor Center
  • Mariane Park Visitor Center
  • Sheep Lakes Information Station

Rocky Mountain landmarks

  • Trail Ridge Road
  • Chasm Lake
  • Bear Lake
  • Long Peak

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado