Render Image for the ASUS ZenWatch 3 in Circulation

It was about a week ago when we were able to report about the first announced pictures about the announced ASUS ZenWatch 3. Now a rendering image of the new Smartwatch of the Taiwanese manufacturer is circulating, which confirms the previous assumptions regarding the design of the wearable. Unlike the previous two ZenWatches, the new ASUS Smartwatch will appear with a round instead of a square display. Three buttons are mounted on the right side of the housing – two, three and four o’clock. On the first pictures a week ago, the housing land was still held in gold, now in silver. Probably this is an indication that there will be the ASUS ZenWatch 3 in different designs. In different versions, the bracelets are also to be available, as previously reported. These are likely to be exchanged in a simple way.

The rendering comes from the official ZenWatch Manager app for Android operating systems. By now geratenem circulated photo strong indications that the ASUS ZenWatch 3 is soon introduced to the public. The 31st of August will be the presentation date. Finally, ASUS had announced a few days ago about his Twitter account that something “unbelievable” will come and the date of August 31 stating.


According to this, it could handle ASUS like the South Korean competitor Samsung, who also held an event on the last day of August to introduce the latest Smartwatch with the Gear S3. From September 2, the International Radio Exhibition (IFA) will be fitting as the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics.

Apart from the look of the ASUS ZenWatch 3 and the supposed presentation date of the Wearables, not much is known yet. Expected features include fitness and wellness functions, customizable dials, and a quick-charge option. The price is currently only conjectures. So far, the ASUS Smartwatches have been among the more affordable models on the market – and the ZenWatch 3 is unlikely to change that.