Q18: Smartwatch with 2.5D-Glas Available

The market will bear now very many different models as far as Smartwatches is concerned, from every price segment and for virtually every need. The Q18 is a Smartwatch which can make speeches on each case by itself, in particular by the features and the price.

Q18: integrated 2.5D-Glas with new Smartwatch

Let’s begin the Q18 Smartwatchdesign that is sleek and modern designed. Because the Smartwatch can be equipped with a SIM card, the device gets even accessing the mobile Internet which provides many possibilities.

The Q18 with a pedometer, a reminder of the drink as well as a 2.5D-Glas can still waiting. The other specs of the Q18 read as follows: there is a 1.54-inch display with 240 × 240 pixels resolution, 32 MB ROM, 32 MB of memory, a MediaTek-CPU and support for Apple iOS and Google Android OS.

Cheap Smartwatch for beginners

The goal is that a Smartwatch ideally offers not only many functions and a high quality, but well priced, it can convince. The Q18 are to buy, which is definitely a very good offer in the online-shop of Everbuying for just 23.60 euros.