Project Solos Should be Carried out for the First Time in a Smartwatch

Responsible for this project solos the ATAP group stands out (short for: advanced technology and projects). Soli is able by means of radar to detect finest hand gestures and in collaboration with LG and Infineon. Android is software based on the clock of course. Updates on the State of development of project solos have given developers the current Developer Conference Google I/O.

If you can put somethin in a smartwatch, you can put it anywhere.

The idea of why project solos precisely on a watch to be tested, is simple: instead of her umzutippen on a (relatively) small touchscreen, you would have a much larger three-dimensional space to operate. Also project managers Ivan Poupyrev says: “If you can put something in a Smartwatch, can you to pack it anywhere.”

No foreseeable release

Next year group project solos will give out a new beta devkit, which makes it possible to use soli at all possible devices. When it but actually creates the said clock in the markets, is still unclear – with a too middle point in the future you however should not count.

More info

More about project solos you will find on the official website and at Wikipedia.