Presented a New Smartwatch Pebble Tomorrow?

The American manufacturer of Pebble has started a countdown on his own Web site, which will end tomorrow at 4 o’clock our time. Plan the presentation of a new Smartwatch?

Over a year it’s been already, that Pebble launched the kick start campaign for the Time of Pebble, now a new model could be presented soon already. At least a freshly started countdown provides evidence on the Publisher’s Web site, which will be titled with the words “Wait for it…”.

New Smartwatch likely

Although we are already experienced tomorrow at 4: 00 what is behind the countdown, is a little speculating, but of course still allowed. So it is most likely that Pebble will present a new Smartwatch, whose functions, but so far no information were gel Act in our opinion. New colours for the so far available models or a major software update could, personally, however, I trust my intuition and count on a completely new wearable.

Because the different versions of the Pebble time arrived not too good and have a hard time in the market due to the high competition, a high pressure to succeed on Pebble weighs heavily lately. We hope that the presentation can convince tomorrow.