Presentation of Huawei Watch 2 Expected for January 2017

The fact that the Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei would not launch a Smartwatch this year has already been known for several weeks. This is all the more interesting when the new model could appear – and with which software. Now current rumors are circulating, according to which the Huawei Watch 2 will be presented at the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This takes place annually in January in Las Vegas. In the coming year, it will start from 5 to 8 January. It could offer the company from the Far East the ideal platform to present the long awaited Smartwatch.

It is also said that the planned ladies’ model of the new Huawei Smartwatch is the first to hit the market. The intelligent timekeepers for the gentlemen, on the other hand, are likely to appear at a later date. Further news could be announced in the coming weeks by Huawei itself. At the end of this year announcements are already expected on the Mate 9, the brand’s new smartphone. In the course of this, it can not be excluded that the manufacturer also reveals first key data to the successor of the currently still current Huawei Watch.


Above all, it would be interesting if light came into the dark with regard to the hottest subject of this wearables. It still persistently holds the presumption that the Huawei Watch 2 is the first intelligent watch that does not come from the house of Samsung and Tizen OS. The South Koreans are known to be the developers of this software and are likely to be interested in the fact that, alongside Apple’s watch OS and Google’s Android Wear, their operating system is even more established as a third. Nevertheless, Samsung had denied a collaboration with Huawei. A report, however, further aroused the speculation in which an employee of the South Korean electronics giant explained that the two companies had agreed on a cooperation.

According to us, Huawei considers Android Wear a not very easy operating system. The most conceivable scenario is that OS is used and adapted for the Huawei Watch 2 Tizen OS. Thus, a 100% copy would not be used, but the Chinese company would modify the software according to its own conceptions.

It is likely that the latest news will be revealed in the coming weeks. As the release of the Huawei Watch 2 seems to be getting closer and closer, the information circulating to a product increases.